Q. Tell us the idea behind The Luxury League.

A. The Luxury League is established to promote and market Indian luxury and initiate the concept of “Branding India Globally”. Our aim at The Luxury League is to be a rallying point for those who believe that strengthening commercial ties among nations is not only important for business, but good for global living standards and for peace. The main goal of The Luxury League is to promote dynamism, creativity and innovation in the luxury industry. It aims at creating a consortium internationally by targeting decision makers, luxury brands influential personalities and designers. One of the missions of The Luxury League is to make the world aware of the wealth of knowledge contained within the workshops of companies as well as create career opportunities for the youth of India, besides supporting & promoting creation. The Luxury League also provides support in specific areas like training for employment.

Q. The Luxury League believes that the essence of luxury lies in our heritage. Please elaborate.

A. I always try to bring design elements from our heritage in my creations. For example, khadifor me still is an effective and powerful symbol of the futility of ‘Western imitation’ and the need for a revival of local textiles. This gets me back to the idea of ‘khadi’ as more than just a mere cloth but something that always brings us back to our history and heritage which is luxury.

Q. How has the idea of luxury in India changed over the years?

A. In India today, luxury is no longer the preserve of the royals. When India opened up to the world in 1990, luxury also began entering a new generation of a consumer class which consisted of a large population of a young workforce, making serious money with increased international travel and real brand awareness. Hence, lifestyle and the habits of Indians have shifted from austerity to complete self-indulgence. Indians are now unapologetic about spending lavishly on luxury goods.

The purchasing power of Indians has indeed also gone up, boosted by a healthy economic growth. For the consumer, wants have become necessities. The marketing pitch is further bolstered by imagery, events, packaging which helps identification of a real brand.

Q. The idea of luxury differs from person to person. What’s your idea of luxury?

A. Luxury isn’t simply a product; it is a lifestyle, one that defines quality and involves a pampered buying experience. For me true luxury is exclusive, unique and that which is not easily accessible.

For a brand to be identified in the luxury segment, it has to have all factors, because you cannot afford to sell an exquisite craftsmanship at a low cost, and exquisite craftsmanship comes naturally to a brand that has artistic history!