Beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world, and so it is ideal for many occasions—hanging out with friends, bonding with colleagues post-work, or for just a Netflix-and-chill session with your partner. In the last couple of years, we have seen the “beer and pub culture” significantly gaining popularity in our cities. Traditionally considered a drink that induces deep conversations, beer is now celebrated for adding life to parties as well. Playing on that, we now have a slew of pubs and restaurants serving a range of beers—bottled and brewed in-house—to cater to the different tastes and flavour preferences of beer lovers.

Gurugram, a hotspot for breweries, has many such venues. Listed here are among the best beer cafes in town, known for their brews as well as for the experience they serve.

Vapour Pub and Brewery

MGF Mega City Mall, MG Road, Gurugram

Vapour has made a name for itself, for being one of India’s leading brewery chains. They serve an array of specially crafted wheat, blonde and dark beers. The venue also hosts live music and DJ nights. The menu includes Finger Food, Continental, North Indian, Italian, and Chinese cuisines to pair with their signature brews.

Adda by Striker

SCO 24, Main Market, Sector 29, Gurugram

When bottled brands don’t cut it anymore, Adda provides beer lovers more room to explore. The place is known for serving amazing brewed beer. For its cozy ambience, terrace seating and live sports screening, the experience at Adda is highly sought-after. Their menu boasts Finger Food, Mexican, North Indian cuisines that one can enjoy beside a cold pint of beer.

Manhattan Bar Exchange and Brewery

Global Foyer Mall, Sector 43, Golf Course Road, Gurugram

A fascinating, vintage looking microbrewery, this place is a hub of beer enthusiasts. The aroma of freshly brewed beer welcomes you when you enter the premises. The menu offers Finger Food, American, Continental, North Indian, Italian cuisines to complement your beer. Sandeep Pundir, General Manager of Manhattan Bar Exchange & Brewery, talks about how the special brews have fared for the pub: “I have had a working experience with breweries for the last seven years. Rockman Beer Island was the first German Microbrewery to open in Gurugram. It can be considered as a pioneer in the industry. The trend started changing with the increased numbers of people consuming beer rather than distilled liquor. Drinking started to become a culture rather than a one-kind-of-experience on weekends. Pub culture started serving food with better standards than five-stars. So, it will be better to say that there has been a cultural change in our dining habits. Craft beers in the menu gave a fresh feel and a better product with varied texture and taste. In last seven years, craft beer has become a household name and it is considered as an art to brew a perfect beer. Now almost all major metros are serving craft beers and the consumption in these areas is considerable. Craft beer is a culture where people chat, argue, discuss and party.”

7 Degress Brahaus

DLF South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurugram

One of the best breweries this city has to offer, 7 Degrees Brahaus serves German beers that are a class apart. They host beer tasting sessions and other events to celebrate the beverage, and offer live music at the venue. Their beer specialties go hand in hand with the Continental, Italian, North Indian, Finger Food, German cuisines they serve.

Brand and business consultant Vasul Chauhan talks about this place. “We have been brewing beer for possibly the longest time in Gurugram, since 2012. We have the only microbrewery plant imported from Germany, and till date all our malt, hops and yeast is imported from Germany. Our beer has been rated among the top five in India. We ensure that our beers—lager, wheat, stout & house special—are matured to perfection before serving. Due to all these factors, we do of course incur more cost for production, therefore we don’t sell our beers at throwaway prices and our patrons are happy with the quality. We have never felt or witnessed the demand from guests to serve bottled beers, as our product is a unique, premium quality, authentic German beer experience”, he says.

Sharing his views on the trend of craft beers, he adds, “The microbrewery market is booming in Gurugram. Within a span of 6-7 years, the number of microbreweries has gone from zero to over 45-50. This exponential growth has resulted in a skewed supply-versus-demand ratio and has eventually led to a bitter price war—where everyone is trying to offer their product at the cheapest price possible and resulting in a toxic economic ecosystem where many are perishing. And if customers think they are the winners, they might be wrong because quality will always be under suspicion when people are selling cheap.

“The customers will eventually see the difference in quality and evolve out of the having-beer-for-the-sake-of-fresh-beer mode.  Only then the craft beer market will emerge out of its infancy. Currently a lot of different styles are being experimented with but the most popular are the basic lager and wheat in terms of consumption. The discerning or well-travelled customers know their freshly brewed or craft beer, they demand quality and pay for quality.”

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