Archana Kochhar specialises in creating bridal couture and is also a celebrity designer and stylist. She spoke to us about star power playing a big role in taking her designs places.

Q. You have styled and created designs for Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Alia Bhatt and others. So what role do you think star power plays in adding value to your designs?

A. We as designers take the art form that is beautiful and we give it a contemporary twist. We create something that we as girls and women like to wear… It is not very often that we wear a saree or a salwar-suit these days, so we as designers have given ethnic wear a beautiful twist. It is something that people want today but that’s just the beginning of the story. To make it reach the market, and for people to notice it, we need star power. Despite the fact that we are doing a lot of PR, and marketing our collection over social media, star power will always remain bigger than us. Our effort complemented with celebrity endorsement makes sure that the collection and designs reach a wider audience… And this benefits the entire chain, and the artisans associated with us.

Q. What is your take on Instagram handles like Diet Sabya, who call out designers and celebrities on fashion plagiarism and also comment on the looks adorned by them?

A. It is really good. Some of the things that they do is to the extreme end, but I think that is bound to happen.

Q. How can one get a trend right?

A. Getting a trend right is a combination of a lot of things. You need to get your hair right, your jewellery right, your makeup right and have a pair of footwear that goes well with the attire and look. Also, we don’t have trends these days, we have looks and that is quite fun to do.

Q. What is your take on making fashion affordable?

A. The thing about fashion is that we should not look at its affordability or non-affordability. People think that only expensive fashion is good but that is not the point. Your body is your own and you need to understand what will suit it. It has nothing to do with money.