“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint,” Edward Hopper beautifully concreted the importance of art. Art is often called a medium to express and enlarge the ideas of human life and the world around it. To promote such concepts and portray truth Nero Art Hub has always been a gallery to look towards.
Nero Art Hub is not just bound to certain people but opened its arms to one and all located in New Delhi. It tries to remove the barrier of the preconceived division of art that is visible. It allows us to express everything that exists for all. Nero art has the vision to become a global name in the world of art, excavate talented artists and encourage young as well as undiscovered artists. As a fine art gallery, we strive to collect, preserve, sell and exhibit the various affordable art forms. Neroarthub.com is also an online marketplace that buys and sells original art forms. Nero Art Hub has also been associated with Artsy, an online marketplace based in New York.
Nero Art Hub has organised a two-man show named Withering Wings. Ranbir Rathi, the curator of the show has beautifully conveyed her idea about this show and the art in her words. She says, “A disturbance or a change that disrupts the balance of an ecosystem. The more we moved toward the cities, the more such territories began adding up to our map, with issues changing their position in the metropolis, the encroachment over the natural habitat for animals and birds. The artists are showing that perhaps it is going to create a visual impact and compel us to think as to how we should respond to the nature surrounding us.  The artists show us through their artworks the issues we are facing and as a responsible artist who creates a world, that it is a reminder of the losing components, the encroachment over the national habitat for animals and birds this is certainly alarming addressing human greed. The exhibitions allow us to think about how we can care for the creation made by the universe and safeguard the extension of precious creatures. We wish to thank our artists who are presenting their artwork and highlighting the component of the environment where we all exist.”
Ranbir Rathi’s words themselves convey how finely she understands art and how she can appreciate the real talents. She has a keen vision and being such a great critic, she is going to bring her vision to reality very soon.
Sambit Panda and Gopal Samantray are both acclaimed artists and enthusiasts of fine arts. Their choice of color, imagination, and strokes of brush calls people from around the country. Gopal Samantray’s paintings are real-life paintings that he transports to others with a different lens. Sambit Panda’s modern art forms tell a story that connects with the viewers and his creations create the vision that no one thought of. These two have established themselves and are again ready with their new creations to be presented in the arena of ignorance towards planet earth.
The exhibition continues till 20 March 2022.
Timings for other days: 11 am to 6:30 pm
Artists: Sambit Panda and Gopal Samantray
Curated by: Ranbir Rath
Venue: Nero Art Hub, Amrit Nagar, South Extension Part 1, New Delhi – 110049