India’s leading beauty retailer, brings a lovingly crafted tribute to celebrate the spirit of contemporary Indian women, with its latest launch, Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks from Nykaa Beauty, their in-house collection of beauty products. The collection of ten gorgeous liquid lipsticks, inspired by India and crafted in Italy is a trend-forward collection celebrating ten of India’s cities. Choose from the royal hues of ‘Begum’, inspired by Hyderabad, or the vibrant ‘Kudi’ of Amritsar or the delicious swirls of ‘Madras-kaapi’, from Chennai.

As a home grown brand, Nykaa has been a trend-leader that looks to celebrate the unique and vibrant traditions and culture of India to create products that strike a deep chord with the customers. Like each offering from the Nykaa Beauty portfolio, ‘Matte To Last’ comes after a lot of listening from Nykaa customers. In a first of its kind project, Nykaa has now tuned into the moods and feelings of ten of India’s cities, to create a tribute to contemporary Indian woman. Choosing cities that are not only rich in heritage, but also possessing a vibrant personality, each shade is more than a colour, it is an essence of the city’s persona.

What’s more, these stunning formulations are long-lasting; and have an extreme matte finish. The supremely lightweight formula is kiss proof and transfer proof, and nourishing with Vitamin E and nutrient infused butters. Priced at INR 550/-, you will not be able to resist the on-the-go millennial packaging that flaunts a delightful and artistic representation of each city.

Find your perfect match in this collection:

Bombae: For the gals going to big places! This classic nude shade is made for a girl, who is always on the run. Flaunting her fabulous smile, while conquering the city that never sleeps!

Dilli: Made for the fun-lovers and risk-takers! Nothing can stop you from spreading the joy that you do with this beautiful pink-toned nude shade. Because having fun is the only way to live!

IT Girl: Finest gadgets and finest looks, you carry it all with the utmost ease! With this plum shade, you are sure to get gazillion likes in a flash of a minute. With your zeal, you are sure to rise above than the high-rise buildings of Bangalore. Mindful conversations and mind-blowing style, you’ve got it all!

Begum: For the girl who loves the winding lanes of the old city etched with the majestic Nawabi culture. If there was a Hyderabadi heirloom that would carry your essence, then this mauve shade would surely call out your name.

Maharani: If elegance was a dynasty, then you’d be the next-in-line for the crown! The intensity of this stunning deep maroon shade is as riveting as Jaipur’s invincible Hawa Mahal. It’s time to conquer the empire, my queen!

Kudi: When you walk in a room, the whole place lights up! And, when it comes to being the most amazing, the most vibrant self, this bright pink shade is the perfect partner in crime. Because a party without you is just a get-together!

Madras Kapi: For the go-getters of this world, who don’t take no for an answer! She is the perfect melange of beauty and brains, your future is written in ‘golden letters’. This fabulous deep brown shade is sure to leave your mark wherever you go. Made just for your taste, strong and absolutely exquisite.

Khoob-surat: Your beauty shines through your simplicity! For the absolute girl-next-door, this pink shade is your soul-mate when it comes to makeup. If being cute was a crime, you’d be charged guilty!

Mishti: Add confidence, calmness and some guilt-free sweetness and you get this bright red shade! She is passionate, soothing and takes on the world with a purpose. Empathetic at heart, this girl is drenched in romance like one of Tagore’s verses. Once you meet her, there is no going back!

Guwahottie: Just like the unexplored paradise, she’s so much more than meets your eye! With big dreams in her eyes, and this ginger nude on her lips, she is sure to raise the room temperature!

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