The Punjab Grill outlet in Noida is the latest addition to the celebrated fine-dining restaurant chain. For a long time now, this place has been my go-to restaurant to have a hearty North Indian meal. The new outlet definitely lives up to the legacy that Punjab Grill has created as a brand since its inception in 2001.

The Noida outlet is founded on the concept of holistic culinary experience and elegant décor. The venue is spacious and warmly lit. An extensive bar has been tastefully designed across the entrance. Visitors can choose indoor seating or go for open-air dining. There’s also a canopy in the outdoor area which serves as a private corner for guests.

As we sat down for our meal, a welcome drink, Strawberry Elaichi Shake was offered. Its flavours blended quite well. From the beverage menu, Margharita Merry and Dhaniya Patta Mojito were presented next. These drinks reflected the trend of infusing novel concepts in classic mocktails. I liked the latter for its refreshing taste.

Punjab Grill has been working towards adding a twist of modernity to its signature dishes. Their version of popular Papadi Chaat Mattha is one such offering. The cherished street food was served in a glass, which is unconventional. But, it had all the elements of a delicious dish it is known for.

From the starters menu, the chef had curated separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian platters for us. The vegetarian offerings included Paneer Tikka Multani, Dahi, Moongfali de Kebab, which were filling, and flavoursome. There were healthy items like Tandoori Broccoli and Quinoa Methi Tikki as well, whose taste factor was intact. The chef’s efforts have to be recognised here for incorporating the health trends of micro greens and grains.

Coming back to the meal, the smoky aroma of the non-vegetarian platter hit me as it arrived. Lined up were small servings of Chaamp Tajdar, Ajwaini Fish Tikka, Murgh Tikka Punjab Grill and Bhatti da murgh. The meat in all these items was tender, perfectly spiced and grilled. Any of these can serve as a delectable start to one’s meal.

The main course menu also successfully dishes out traditional recipes with a contemporary touch. We indulged in Dal Punjab Grill and Paneer Lababdar from the vegetarian options. Both were rich in flavours, creamy and appetising. The key highlight of the meal, Murgh Makhani came next. This is the ultimate comfort food for north Indian food enthusiasts. I also had a bite of Meat Punjab Grill, which was sumptuous. These were all paired with a range of freshly baked breads like Butter Naan, Lachha Paratha and Tandoori Roti.

Despite being full, I tried their desserts the moment they were placed in front of me. We were treated to Gulab Jamun, Anjeer ki Phirni and Gulkand ki Kheer. These house-specials were close to the taste of the original sweet dishes, but a dash of their creativity was evident in the presentation and flavours. Nonetheless, we couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a great meal.

Punjab Grill; Starling Mall, Hazipur Road, Sector 104, Noida; Meal for two: Rs 2,000