Sidhharrth S Kumaar, renowned astronumerologist and founder of occult science platform Numrovani, who is known as the creator of zero numerology and karma positioning system, predicts on what the future holds in the coming year.

Happy new year to everyone reading this! It’s the time of year when we affirm our resolutions, make positive plans for the coming future, and leave the past behind. If you want to be ahead of the curve, then we are here to help you.
The Sunday Guardian spoke to Sidhharrth S Kumaar, renowned astronumerologist and founder of occult science platform Numrovani, who is known as the creator of zero numerology and karma positioning system, to find out what the future holds in the coming year. Here are some broadly outlined predictions for 2023:

General predictions for the world at large:
For companies and corporates, it is set to be a difficult year as they face pressure from law enforcement agencies with some big scams being revealed through political involvement. However, those in the metals, textile, education and manufacturing sector will see unprecedented growth and India will continue to cement its position as a manufacturing hub. Luxury items such as vehicles, houses, and premium electronic products will witness significant growth, and the fields of spirituality, astrology, yoga, meditation and traditional knowledge will attract a lot of investment from both domestic and international players. On the global health front, it seems the world may witness a new skin disease with water boils, red/black patches accompanied with itching towards the end of the year.

Predictions for individual zodiac signs based on their ascendant signs:
Fiery rams will emerge as respected and well-known names in their social circles. Extravagant expenses like owning a new property, jewelry and vehicles will affect finances, but this predicament will soon settle down. They might visit the doctor for health issues related to eyes, kidneys, joint pain, high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Parents’ health and children’s education will be a cause for stress this year. However, patience can be your superpower in such situations. Profits from passive sources of income like real estate and long-term investments will be gratifying. A lack of nutritive diet, access to sunlight, and proper hydration will lead to health hazards. Symptoms of high blood pressure are likely to get worse if precautions are not taken.
Familial bliss is knocking on the door in 2023. Misunderstandings with spouses and kids will be mended. A loved one will surprisingly lend a helping hand when times are tough. It is time to reap the fruits of your prior investments this year. An unexpected injury will disrupt your workflow. Issues related to the eyes and stomach are expected.
Aggression toward family, friends, and colleagues will be a challenge. Taking any further loans can turn into a disaster. Focus on clearing off debts first. Working long hours in front of the desk leave no time for any physical activity or well-being measures which negatively influences your health.
Relationships with spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends, and colleagues will be full of joy. The year is favorable for investments, purchasing property, and business expansion. Some collaborations and partnerships will come with risks, even if considered carefully. Despite these positive aspects, physical and mental health will not be at its best. Apart from stress and anxiety, symptoms of chronic disorders may worsen.
Rushed use of harsh words will destroy family and friendly relations. Strategic investments in the share market will be profitable. Possibilities of theft and application for loans are on the horizon. In 2023, stay extra cautious with belongings and safety while traveling otherwise things may not go as planned. Health issues concerning private parts and bones are likely to cause trouble.
Be prepared to face bad days without the company of friends. However, it will be a great year financially. A constant flow of income from multiple sources will enter your bank account. On the flip side, involvement in a legal case may happen. Health issues will not bother this year. Symptoms from chronic health conditions will significantly diminish.
Difficult days are approaching familial bliss. Yet, these can be overcome with love and understanding and by drawing crucial boundaries. Hurry and carelessness while taking or offering loans will stress you for a long time. A savings plan is a must in 2023. Working relentlessly will take a toll on your mental health. This will lead to high blood pressure and digestive issues.
There will be disagreements at home, but they will be minor. Times are favorable for clearing off payments, debts, and buying property. Foreign travel and luxurious experiences are anticipated. An unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle add to lethargy.
Some uncomfortable situations are on the horizon this year. Face them with a sense of self-respect and strength, and not ego. Going out of your comfort zone and foreign investments will bring amazing results. Avoiding street food, drinking enough water, and doing physical workouts will ensure good health.
Everyone including family members, colleagues, and bosses will test their patience, but they must ensure that they respond maturely and not in a fit of anger. Mindless expansion of business without necessary funds is going to yield negative outcomes. Stomach and respiratory issues will lead to medical appointments. Those who follow a proactive approach to health and business will be content and happy.
Relationships with children will strengthen. From investments to income, from partnerships to expansion, almost all business decisions will meet with success. However, symptoms of thyroid, joint pain, and other chronic diseases may worsen. Staying cautious of contagious diseases will maintain good health and save medical expenses this year.

Noor Anand Chawla pens lifestyle articles for various publications and her blog