Alanna, a 100% natural and vegan skincare brand introduces #notjustcharcoal range, a skincare retreat made with the goodness of activated charcoal.  The range includes a soap and deep cleansing face-pack, both handcrafted with charcoal as the central element. Rashi Mehra, Founder, Alanna believes that though charcoal is a very effective ingredient and has gained popularity amongst customers, just charcoal as an ingredient is not enough for an optimum skincare regime. Plus it can be a bit harsh for the sensitive skin.

The products in the range are a blend of activated charcoal with green tea extracts, olive oil and lavender, thus reinventing the wheel of the entire charcoal-based skincare establishment.

All ingredients that go into the making of Alanna are obtained from the lap of mother-nature. Similarly, this detoxifying range comprising of a handmade soap and face pack that is free of sulphate and other chemicals. With activated charcoal being the universal element in both the products, there are distinct components that add to the effectiveness of the formulations.

The activated charcoal soap with green-tea extracts is mild and helps to remove dirt and excess oil from the pores, de-tans the skin and gives an instant glow.

The deep cleansing face mask enriched with activated charcoal and other ingredients like aloe vera and lavender extracts is effective in deeply cleansing the skin, reducing acne, tanning issues and heavy skin pigmentation. Apt for sensitive skin, the face mask does not cast any unwanted reactions or blemishes.   Just like all Alanna products, the #notjustcharcoal range is handmade, 100% natural, sulphate free, paraben free, cruelty-free and PETA.

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