Time Machine
Address: Garden Galleria Mall, Noida
Meal for two: 1,800 plus taxes

If you are looking for an escape from huddled bylanes of gastro-pubs in the capital region, it would be worth your dime as well as time to try Time Machine, Noida.

As the name suggests, the place offers you a walk down the sci-fi feel of a time machine. The ambience offers the rustic as well as heavy vibes of a stroll of a timeline, just like your Facebook’s “On this day” does to you. The walls adorn flashbacks of the era gone by as it is embellished with kinetic objects, mechanical gears, and rustic lighting. Once you get over the bar decked up with choicest drinks, you will be attracted to the well-lit surroundings of the place.

This writer chose a spring evening to visit Time Machine and enjoy the scenes from warmly-lit roof top of the place. Looking over the Noida skyline and city lights gleaming in the pleasant weather, we chose a Kaffir lime apple lynchburg lemonade cocktail and a Virgin Mojito to wait for the chef’s special delicacies. If somehow skyline isn’t that appealing to you, just look up the roof, the homey, lively and happy vibes of the flowers adorning the roof will surely interest you.

Sipping the classic bourbon whisky combination, we enjoyed Bhatti ka Paneer tikka, stuffed soya chaap and cheese fingers. The luscious paneer tikka gives smoky rich vibes of the delicious paneer made to entice you for more and more of it.

Stuffed soya chaap was one of the unusual starters considering how it fills you up very fast. But the chaap with paneer and cream stuffing tasted amazing with the green chutney that comes with it. The light chutney perfectly mixes up with the heavy soya chaap to fill your stomach.

Winner of the starters was cheese fingers with luscious cream on its side and was the best possible way to make space for your main course. The cheesy fried heaven tastes much better as you sip on your drink in the breezy weather.

In the main course we indulged in Paneer lababdar with hot, crispy laccha parantha and soft buttery naan. Rich gravy that keeps you wanting more tastes perfectly blended with spices, cream and chef’s secret ingredients.

Time Machine offers combos to mix and match your dishes according to your taste. We tried a combination of hot steaming vegetable fried rice with assorted sautéed vegetables in hot sauce and the combination clearly wins the game in filling up heart and stomach.

To top it all with a dramatic end, we had classic chocolate truffle cake to satisfy our sweet tooth. And indeed there’s no better way to enjoy hot deep rich delicious chocolate on a roof with the wind blowing to sooth all your mid-week qualms.

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