The very mention of Oudh which was the seat of a rich cultural heritage brings to the mind the traditions of ancient Lucknow and the life-style of the Nawabs. But what appeals to people the most is the cuisine of Oudh which in some ways was a culmination of all that was best in art, culture and science. The erstwhile province was famous for its high standards of gastronomic etiquette. This culture which is preserved in the sanctorum of the landed aristocracy of Lucknow is still found today and of course the legacy of the Rakabdars (Master cooks) who with their tremendous discipline bordering on religious fervor still follow the traditional style of cooking handed over to them by their ancestors. Oudh-1590 is an initiative to introduce a true ‘Period Dining’ experience set in the backdrop of 16th century recreated in today’s kitchen to be savoured anytime.
Oudh-1590 has nine outlets in Kolkata and they recently started their new branch at Sector-18 Noida. When I visited the location I was amazed to see the ambience and the rich collection of décor all around. Like all the other outlets of Oudh 1590, the décor here too matches the ethos of the culture, heritage and crafts of the Awadhi period by keeping in mind the Indo Saracenic Architectural marvels. It was a pleasant afternoon and I decided to have lunch. I had a look at the menu card. The mouth-watering delicacies to be served included Galawati Kabab, Kakori Kabab, Nalli Nehari, Keema Kaleji or Brain Masala, Awadhi Handi Biryani, Rann Biryani, Moti Biryani, Palak Biryani, Murgh Qalmi Kabab, Awadhi Sugandhi Mahi, Shahi Dahi Kabab, Murgh Musallam, Murgh Irani, Lasuni Palak, Awadhi Daal, Paneer Rezala, Shahi Tukra & Phirni amongst a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations. I started with a refreshing Indian beverage Badam Sarbat. Made up of natural ingredients it was an energizing drink. The starters which I ordered were Galawati Kabab, Awadhi Sugandhi Mahi and Lucknowi Paratha. The Galawati Kabab was composed of Mutton paste marinated with Awadhi special spices, shallow fried. Awadhi Sugandhi Mahi included cubes of Kolkata bekti marinated with yoghurt and cream, flavoured with ‘Gondhoraj’ lemon. All the starters were extremely delicious.
Then I moved to the main course Kolkata Style Murgh Biryani. The delicacy is a favourite Kolkata speciality and the ingredients consisted of chicken pieces with dum pukht method of cooking rice. It was one of the most authentic style of chicken biryani I had ever savoured. Another dish wish I revered was Murgh Irani. Cooked in tomato based gravy it comprised of tender pieces of chicken with bone. With a sweet and sour taste it was a perfect souse speciality. Before leaving the dining table I was offered a complimentary creamy dessert known as Shahi Tukra and I was left engrossed in ecstasy after having a bite. Shahi Tukra is generally a bread pudding with dry fruits flavoured with saffron.
After having a delightful lunch when I gazed at the price list I found it very much reasonable and worth visiting with family and friends. I thanked the staff for their hospitality before leaving the place with a word to visit again.