Café Delhi Heights’ menu has a scrumptious array of aromatic loaves of naturally-leavened sourdough breads, croissants, vegan breads, and crumbly cookies.

With Delhi in its titular name, Cafe Delhi Heights was bound for popularity in the capital city from its inception. After 22 branches and 10 years of sustained success, it is natural for the brand to explore new avenues in the food arena. “As a value-driven concept with a distinct mix of nostalgia and history attached to it, Cafe Delhi Heights is a gastronomic representation of what Delhiites enjoy eating”, says Vikrant Batra, Founder of the brand.

Batra is not far off the mark here, as his astute awareness of the demands of his customers is evident. In addition to his extensive café menu, he has now launched a “confident, fun, bold and brand-new venture” that has been aptly christened Bakehouse Comfort. This new in-house bakery section is part of select branches of Café Delhi Heights, and offers everything one would expect from a traditional bakery but with the signature style of the Café. From freshly-baked bread baskets to cakes, pastries and cookies, everyone’s sweet cravings are equally addressed. The menu, however, is not restricted to sweet treats and desserts, and includes a breakfast section offering savoury items too. Each product is handcrafted and baked fresh in-house on a daily basis, without the use of any preservatives or pre-made mixtures.
Born from the intention to provide a slice of happiness to loyal patrons, Bakehouse Comfort is attempting to live up to its name. Its founder brand, Café Delhi Heights, has pioneered the café culture in Delhi by delivering on its promise of providing fresh flavours and ingredients. Therefore, it is well-placed to create delicious baked goodies too.

Their menu boasts aromatic loaves of naturally leavened sourdough breads, croissants, vegan breads, and crumbly cookies. By marrying traditional recipes with modern additions, and combining soft, crunchy and chewy textures with nuanced sweet and savoury flavors – the team behind Bakehouse Comfort hopes to make its mark in Delhi-NCR. Their unique combinations of desserts include the likes of brownies with Baileys and biscoff cheesecakes. The savoury menu also holds its own, with an extensive selection of cheese and bread sticks, chicken tikka puffs, quiches, smoked chicken corn toasties, chilli paneer croissants, vol-au-vents, mutton seekh rolls and broccoli and corn crostinis.
At its heart, the philosophy behind Bakehouse Comfort is to offer pure baked goodness that is achieved without the use of any mixes, preservatives or shortcuts. Relying largely on artisanal methods, Bakehouse Comfort’s variety of goodies are created with attention to the minutest of details and a careful selection of ingredients. Harking back to bakeries of yore, the oven bakes sold here, promise the richness of traditional goodies made with modern methods.
Bakehouse Comfort is currently available at the Commons in the DLF Avenue mall, along with the branches located in Good Earth City Center, Cross Point mall, Aerocity, Sangam Courtyard, Khan Market, Pacific mall and Starling mall. Soon, it is set to open its doors as a stand-alone brand at Cyber Park Gurgaon as well.
Cafe Delhi Heights was originally created as a space offering an all-day casual neighbourhood café vibe, with a well-stocked and diverse menu. Known for infusing their ambience and their dishes with a generous dose of humour, Cafe Delhi Heights has made a name for itself over the years by winning a host of coveted awards and by collecting a fiercely loyal clientele. Apart from its popular food offerings, the stellar cocktail menu elevates the experience of dining at this Café to the next level. The interiors of each of its branches boast quirky designs and seating displays that enhance the cool and comfortable vibe it seeks to establish. “Café Delhi Heights is a happy place with the liveliest and happy go lucky café crew, to suit every mood at any time of the day,” declares Batra with a smile.
Their newest branch at Delhi’s exclusive food destination – DLF Avenue mall, is currently making waves. Clearly designed to appeal to the youth, the space has a lively ambience offset by the casual comfort synonymous with the brand. The next time you seek a wholesome foodie experience where you can enjoy good food topped with delicious desserts, just turn to Bakehouse Comfort by Café Delhi Heights.
The writer is a lawyer who pens lifestyle articles for various publications and her blog