Saloni Srivastava, founder of Hustle Post Academy, in an exclusive chat with G20, talks about her endeavours.

Q. Would you enlighten our readers about the journey you have had so far?
A. Social media is definitely a big part of all of our lives now. People like me have built our entire careers on it.
Honestly, for me I spent my entire life doing things a little differently from what was expected of me.
When the entire world wanted me to keep rising the corporate ladder and continue to work on my full-time, high-paying job, I decided to quit and start my own online business journey.
I first began with content creation and chose Youtube as my platform. After 2 years of regular work on it, I managed to build a strong community of over 300,000 people there.
From there, I started working on building several parallel businesses. I soon launched my own line of planners and journals and then moved on to building India’s first e-commerce platform built especially for Influencers.
This year, in the midst of the pandemic, I also launched my own Academy to train people to use social media for building fruitful careers and business ventures just like I did.
It definitely has been a worthwhile journey so far, and it’s only the beginning.
Q. Which social media platforms have you seen the most efficacious, gaining traction, brand building & brand awareness? And why so?
A. For me personally, the biggest platform has been YouTube. Because of YouTube’s focus on long-form video content, I was able to build a deeper relationship with my audience. Youtube also has great SEO based discoverability, which makes it a perfect platform for people who’re looking to start from scratch.
Of course, I love Instagram too. It’s a one stop platform which allows one to share pictures, videos, short form stories, conduct polls, do QnAs, engage in DMs- and a whole lot more.
I think Youtube and Instagram together are a power-packed social media combo for anyone’s growth.
Q. Tell us more about Hustle Post Academy?
A. Since 2017, I had been working to curate my dream life. I started on Youtube as a content creator, but initially only as a side hustle alongside my full-time job. Gradually, I figured out my way with the right strategies and made a profitable business on Youtube. On the platform, I built one of the fastest-growing self-development communities in India.
Soon, I also launched my line of planners and journals to help my community get more organised. As the next step, I also built Upfluen, India’s first e-commerce platform for influencers in 2018.
With all this being done, one of the most asked questions I got from my community members was – “How can we start just like the way you did?”.
Well, I always tried to answer this question in my emails and Instagram DMs, it’s not easy to explain so much in a single message. So, I decided to share all my knowledge and wisdom with everyone on a bigger scale. I knew that my experience can help a lot of people start their side hustle and build profitable online businesses.
That’s exactly how “HustlePost Academy” came into existence and within a few months, has helped 2000+ millennials discover their passion!
Q. Amid the contemporary pandemic times, how crucial and important are the concepts mentorship, minimalism, and budgeting?
A. I think having a strong focus on these is more important now than ever.
The downfall of the economy showed us that there are a lot of things that are beyond our control. And while we can’t do much about the external environment, we can definitely work on ourselves to make us more ‘recession-proof’.
Having the right mentor to constantly learn from can change our lives in ways we can’t imagine.
Minimalism is a lifestyle movement that I’ve been following for over 4 years, and it’s so liberating. I deliberately remove distractions from my life to focus on things that truly make a difference.