Even if you know a little bit about 2-wheelers, more specifically about scooters there is just no way that you haven’t heard about the Honda Activa. It has been India’s largest selling scooter for a very long time and in fact in the last 2 decades Honda has sold more than 2 crore of them in the country. There have been several iterations of the scooter, multiple engine options and what has remained constant is the strong brand value and reliability. But now owing to the impending BS6 emission norms the Activa has got a major refresh and it goes beyond the new heart as many other practical features have been added. And now it is called the Activa 6G.


The one thing that doesn’t change largely is the design. The only difference though between the 2 variants is that the Deluxe option gets LED headlamps, which makes the scooter more premium. There’s a higher use of steel on the scooter which means the body becomes stronger than before. Very importantly the Activa now gets some very practical features not seen on the scooter till now, these include external fuel filling and a seat that can be opened by the push of a button placed below the handlebar. So worry no more about the hassle of getting off your scooter at the fuel pump, opening the seat and then filling fuel. The luggage space gets storage of 18 liters which means a full face helmet can just about manage to fit in there. The instrument cluster is now bigger in size and very in your face which is good. But then it remains all analog which is something you may not like. A diagnostic feature of malfunction light here automatically detects any malfunction in the engine with the help of sensors. It also gets an eco speed range indicator to help achieve the best fuel efficiency.


The big change of course is the BS6 complaint engine on the vehicle. And it comes with a new starting mechanism that replaces the conventional starter motor seen on the scooter earlier. In the process this Silent Start System offers a more silent and a jolt-free start now. That’s just one of the attributes of Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) this 110cc fuel injected engine comes with. These attributes according to Honda ensure better performance as well as efficiency. While Programmed Fuel Injection results in smooth and linear power output while Tumble Flow feature leads to combustion improvisation.  A reduction in friction promises better fuel economy and according to Honda this new HET engine powered scooter gives 10% more mileage in this BS6 avatar.

Ride & Handling

Honda has worked on some important features to give you a more favourable ride position on the Activa. The seat height, ground clearance (gone up by 18 mm) and the knee room have all been made better, which means taller riders will appreciate the Activa more than before. The slight negative is that the height of the handlebar remains almost the same which means the perfect ride position is still beyond your reach. However a bigger sized wheel on the front (12 inches) and a larger wheelbase (+22mm) means the Activa is more stable than before and you can be a lot more confident while riding this scooter. There’s also a new telescopic suspension system and while there is a negligible difference you do feel the ride is smoother than before. The good thing is that it can be adjusted in 3-different levels so you’re never far away from your ideal setting.


The famed Combi-Brake System (CBS) with equalizer has been doing its duty on the Activa for a while and that continues here too. Braking is an integral part of any scooter due to small wheels and here that aspect is taken care of well. One feature that you don’t normally get to see in 110 cc scooters is a kill switch. That feature too has now been introduced in the Activa 6G to make it more safe and practical. The two-way functioning switch can be used to start the engine when pressed downwards and acts as an engine kill switch when pressed upward.


The BS-VI Activa 6G is available in 2 variants- Standard & Deluxe. While the latter is priced starting at Rs.63,912 (ex-showroom Delhi), you’ll have to shell out Rs. 1,500 more for the Deluxe  variant if you want the LED headlamps. The company is also offering a 6-year warranty package which includes 3 years standard + 3 years optional extended warranty. The price surely is not asking for too much for a better more advanced product that has stood the test of time.

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