A mong the organs of the body, the skin is one of the first to bear the brunt of air pollutants, which not only attack the skin surface, but also lead to an accumulation of toxins. The skin and hair look dull and lack vitality. The Festival of Diwali can compound the problem. So, after Diwali, it is time to Detox to feel and look good.
Give up coffee and drink green tea daily. Also, have the juice of a lemon with a glass of warm water first thing in the morning. This helps to flush the system. You can also add spices to tea, like Ginger, Cardamon, Cinnamon and pepper. Ginger boiled in water can be had as ginger tea, which helps digestion and protects from respiratory ailments. Chamomile tea is available as tea-bags. It helps to induce relaxation and calms the nerves.
There is nothing better than a warm bath to make you feel better. You can add 5 drops of an essential oil to pure olive oil and then add it to the water along with salt. Cinnamon Oil relieves fatigue and muscular tension, while Lavender induces relaxation. Rose oil is said to have a calming effect on the mind. Essential oils should not be used by themselves.
Excess fluid around eyes can be a result of alcohol and binging during parties. According to skin specialists, gently tapping the skin around eyes with the finger tips can sometimes help the collected fluid to drain away. Work from the inner eye and go towards the temples. Grated potatoes or potato juice, applied around the eyes also helps to reduce puffy eyes. So do tea bags. Steep them in hot water; then cool them and use them as eye pads.
Natural ingredients like honey, aloe vera, cucumber and rose water help to tone the skin, moisturise it and relieve skin fatigue. These may applied on the skin and washed off with plain water after 20 minutes.
For oily, combination and acne-prone skins, add 10 drops of sandalwood essential oil to 100 ml of rose water, to make a protective and refreshing skin tonic. Wipe the face with it, using cotton wool.
For the hair, conditioners, rinses and serums help to soften the hair and add shine. They also coat the hair and help to protect it. Apple Cider Vinegar makes an ideal hair rinse. It detoxifies and also restores the natural balances. Add 2 tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar to a mug of water and use as a last rinse. Both hot and cold infusions can be made from hibiscus flowers and leaves. For hot infusions, add the flowers and leaves to boiling water and keep for 10 to 12 hours. The infusion is strained and then used as a last rinse after washing the hair. For cold infusions, the flowers and leaves are allowed to stand overnight in cold water, in a ratio of one to six. The flowers are squeezed and the water is strained before use. Such infusions can be used to wash the hair and scalp, or applied on the scalp with cotton wool. The paste or juice of the flowers can also be applied on the hair. Include raw, natural foods and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Natural foods are those that can be eaten raw, those that are naturally derived and those that are unrefined and unprocessed. Not only do they detoxify the system by promoting the elimination of wastes, but also bring about a sense of well being and vitality.
If you have a detox programme from time to time, you can restore both health and beauty.