Q. You started as a VJ and after many years, you’re now making your debut as an actor. Can you share a bit about your career? How is it going so far?

A. From a VJ to an actor, it’s been an amazing journey! Vj-ing was good, as I got to be myself and to stick to my own personality. But acting, I can say is the most amazing occupation ever!  You get to live so many lives in one lifetime, each character you play is different from the other, it is a very creative and challenging space and an extremely fulfilling job. An actor has to bring to the table a lot of dimensions to the character he is playing, be aware of the various personality traits, shades and lots more. It is a beautiful profession, and for me, I love bringing my work back home.

Q. After seeing you on Bigg Boss, no one really expected to see you play a fictional character, like Prince Madhav Singh. Tell us something about this character?

A. Madhav Singh is a very layered character. A tough guy with a very different personality. A reserved and very thoughtful person. He wants to be good to people, but the circumstances he is in don’t allow him to really be the person he wants to be. In him, there is a lot of hidden angst, along with a controlled and calm demeanor.

Q. Tell us more about the seires Love Ka Hai Intezaar.

A. I am absolutely enjoying myself on the show. It has been an awesome experience working with this lovely cast, which has completely charged me up. The story is beautiful! I also draw in a lot from the cast’s wealth of acting experience. Everyone is a lot of fun and we have a ball together on set. 

Q. How did you prepare for this role?

A. We did have quite a few workshops before our shoot began, with the rest of the cast. That helped me in building up a base for my character, and then of course the organic growth of the character, which happens slowly and steadily through the progress of the show. Being a prince isn’t easy!

Q. Your co-star Sanjeeda Sheikh and you share a romantic chemistry onscreen. How’s it like off-screen?

A. Sanjeeda is a really nice person! A solid actor who has a fun personality off screen. Our chemistry is quite natural and carefree off-screen, which easily reflects on-screen, too. We are always cracking jokes and fooling around during our lunch breaks on set.

Q. And how is it like working with Soni Razdan?

A. Soni Razdan is a lovely lady! We get along like a house on fire and have some good fun together on the set. She is a wonderful actor and her eyes really speak volumes.

Q. People have been saying that your look in the show is inspired from Fawad Khan’s in Khoobsurat? What do you want to say about that?

A. Well before the leap, it somewhat did resemble Fawad Khan’s Khoobsurat look, since my character is very mature and affluent. Though post the leap, I don’t really know whom my character resembles now.

Q. How relatable is the character of Prince Madhav?

A. Extremely relatable! Life is never easy for Madhav. Life as they say, lies between black and white in the 50 shades of grey.  It’s always complicated, but he knows when it’s best to take the right decision for everyone’s benefit.

Q. Share with us some of your experiences of Bigg Boss 9.

A. It was absolute madness! Locked away in a home with people from different genres in a confined environment! It was definitely an emotional push and pull, but it did give me a chance to do some good soul searching and discover my true personality. It also made me more wise and aware of my surroundings. Though, yes, that was one time I really missed ghar ka khaana [home-cooked food].

Q. Bigg Boss was a tough time for you personally. Did you ever regret going into the house at that time?

 A. I definitely don’t regret it now. It was like a fire test, once you pass it you have grown and matured. The platform and reach of the show is awesome. It really helped me get a lot of love and respect from people, which I am deeply grateful for.

Q. What other shows are you looking forward to?

A. Right now, it is only Love Ka Hai Intezaar. It does take up most of my time, as I am shooting 15-20 days in a month. But I do take up some live shows and I have been hosting private events at times.

Q. Any Bollywood plans?

A. I feel that the more one chases Bollywood, the more it gets out of reach. For me, acting is the main focus, be it any platform to showcase the same. It’s acting that keeps me charged and going. I love my profession!


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