Q. Can you talk a little about the premise behind your character?

A. I play detective Laura Vega and she is all about justice. She just got into the pre-crime program right as it was being abolished. So unfortunately she wasn’t able to utilize that particular ability that he has. But at this point, her and Dash run into each other and they are deciding to team up because of course Dash gets the visions, but he doesn’t get all the visions because he doesn’t have his siblings. Then I have the ability to try to put his visions together to reality. She tries to change the world and stop these murders.

Q. How is it to work as partners? Is it hard-going in the beginning?

A. Yes, it takes time. Initially he doesn’t trust me because he has been exploited, because he has been misused and all of that. He really wants to make a difference. Like he said, we learn in time that relationship will evolve for the both of us. We both have a heart for wanting to change the world to make it better.

Q. Can you talk about the relationship between your character and Wilmer’s character? What’s the dynamic like between you?

A. First of all he stole my job because Vega did the work and he got the promotion.

Q. So that dynamic, can you talk about how that creates tension in the show?

A. Well basically, you know, Dash is illegal and so I’m already off-road from the moment when we’re working together. That’s something that I have to keep away from my lieutenant because I can lose my job over that. So there is always that back in forth between Wilmer (Valderrama) and I where I’m always hiding something to try to figure out what it is. Then there is also this chemistry, you’re not quite sure if that is, if it is something that is existed or if it something that is going to exist, or both.

Q. The producers talked about meeting with experts on what technology is going to be like at that point. How did that impact what you did and what did you think of what they were looking at?

A. I mean, we have a lot of really interesting things. Like on the smaller side, there was a selfie-drone which is actually being created right now. Where you will see in the show, it comes off of a kid’s wrist and it goes up in the air and takes pictures, like selfies, of all these kids. That is something that is being created. We also have something that Mr. Spielberg came up with called a smart gun. That gun actually runs your information and makes a choice about what kind of bullets or if it is going to use an air gun. If that person has a record or not, all that stuff. There are a lot of really interesting things in the world coming up. What he was saying was really interesting. You know, with Tom Cruise doing the visual thing there that is literally an iPhone. That is literally what you are doing, you know what I mean?

Minority Report premieres on FX and FX HD on March 7th, airing every from Monday to Friday at 9 PM!


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