Staring off at quite a young age in her career, Kangana Ranaut  is now one of the highest-paid actors in India. Making her presence felt with bold and eccentric roles in movies like Tanu weds Manu and Queen, Kangana is now a popular household name from Bollywood. She won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress for  Fashion in 2008 and National Film Award for Best Actress for Queen in 2014. Noticing her passion for fitness, Reebok India has appointed Kangana Ranaut as its new brand ambassador and is rolling out a brand campaign focussing primarily on the women’s category. This is going to be Reebok’s first campaign with Kangana and also a first with a woman brand ambassador. All set to inspire Indian women to not just be fitter, but stronger — both mentally and physically, the campaign will showcase Reebok’s commitment to own and nurture the women fitness category in India.

Taking time out from her busy schedule, Kangana Ranaut speaks to Guardian 20 about her fitness regime and how excited she is about the upcoming campaign. 

Q. You have been appointed as the new brand ambassador of Reebok. What is your idea of fitness?

A. I will represent Reebok for their women category. My new journey with the brand starts with their “Be More Human” campaign as a salute to women who are “Fit To Fight.” I believe that mental and emotional fitness are as much important as physical fitness. I do pranayams and yoga and make sure that I emotionally balance things like spending time with my family, my dog or listening to good music. I don’t give more than 20-25 minutes to physical activities. I also feel that anything in life can be accomplished if we believe in ourselves. Today’s women should stay fit in all aspects, be it physically, socially or mentally. Taking forward this philosophy of Reebok, I look forward to encouraging millions of other women to take a plunge with me and not just become fitter, but stronger and better versions of themselves.

Q. You are the first woman brand ambassador of Reebok. How does it feel? How would you like to motivate women to be fit and healthy?

A. Today’s women are warriors and have a number of roles to play. From being a mother to a boss in office, they have to manage and balance both personal and professional life. They need to be fit physically, mentally as well as socially to win every day’s battle. With my association with Reebok, I hope to encourage Indian women to raise their game in the face of challenges while being calm and composed when a storm comes.

Q. You are a major style icon in Bollywood. What would you say  is your style statement?

A. It depends such as if I am in my own personal space then my attitude is easier and cool. If I am in a laidback attitude then I like to wear dungarees, shorts, loose jeans, tracks etc. With fitness being an important part of my life, I have started making efforts to be fashionably fit. That’s why I love Reebok — it is both stylish and technologically advanced. Reebok’s Studio collection consists of effortlessly cool silhouettes that fuse fashion and functionality for the ultimate fitness experience.

Q. Fitness is an important issue. Your message for women who don’t take fitness seriously especially after marriage and pregnancy?

A. As I said before, today’s women are fighters and have numerous roles to play in life. Fitness is an important aspect. We need to be physically fit and this can only be possible if one excercises regularly. It’s important to devote time for oneself. All women should take out some time and indulge in at least one fitness activity. This will keep them going the whole day and inspire everyone around them.

Q. Since you like being fit and healthy, would you like to share your fitness regime with us?

A. I try to restrict my physical activity to an hour a day. In that one hour, I do different fitness activities such as yoga, pilates, horse riding, ballet. I like to choose from a wide array of options so that I don’t get bored by doing just one activity. With my new journey and association with Reebok, I am sure I will be able to make my fitness regime more intense and interesting.

Q. Since you travel a lot, how do you manage your fitness schedule?

A. I try to do some stretches as a part of on-the-go fitness regime. Also, it is easy to carry a skipping rope and a yoga mat while travelling. The initiative by Reebok — Gym is everywhere —promotes that one can break free from their routines and use their surroundings to work out. I am sure this will make on-the-go fitness regime a lot easier like it did for me.

Q. Have you ever cheated  in your regime?

A. Yes, sometimes, by gleefully indulging in Besan ka halwa made by my mom.

Q. How do you deal with hectic schedules?

A. I plan my schedule for the day. If it gets too hectic, I have a team of managers, assistants or trainers who schedule my activities as per the situation.

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