Every year the best and brightest of Bollywood get rewarded in marquee events across the country. But what about the worst performers? Even they have worked hard and deserve recognition. Beyond the realms of paid awards, we have a few awards, which are unabashedly brutal, and honest — and not to everyone’s liking in Bollywood. These awards are given to the worst possible films and the most second-rate annual performances put up by B-Town folks. The Golden Kela Awards is one example of such an ironically-intended accolade. It has been somewhat modelled on the Golden Raspberry Awards or Razzies.

The Razzies is an award ceremony in recognition of the worst in the world of cinema, held in Los Angeles every year. The awards themselves are in the form of a golfball-sized raspberry, which sits atop a Super 8mm film reel, the whole of which is spray-painted gold. The first Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony was held in 1981, and the 36th ceremony was held on this year in February.

Now to the Razzies’ Indian adaptation — The Golden Kela Awards. These awards  are, a satirical jibe at Bollywood, celebrate the worst performances in Hindi cinema each year. Created by Random Magazine, the Golden Kela is awarded each year to winners (losers?) selected by an online poll. And the trophy itself is, predictably, in the shape of a banana. The first award ceremony took place on 7 March 2009 in New Delhi.

JatinVarma, founder of Random Magazine, says, “The purpose of the show is to provide only fun. The intention behind the Golden Kela is to ridicule the Bollywood stars and acknowledge the worst of Indian Cinema. The idea is taken from the west, known as Golden Raspberry awards. We named our show Golden kela because kela sounds more funny. The Indian version of Razzies is not open to audience, it’s an invite-based show. It is held only in Delhi, though we don’t expect much appearance from Bollywood.”

He adds: “I and my partner, Anant Singh do the process of nomination internally. We watch all the movies over the year and select the nominees for the suitable category. Nomination is done by January and after that online poll starts. Online voting goes on till the eve of the awards gala,” He adds.

“The audience gets to vote 14 categories representing the worst of Bollywood — like worst Film/Director/Actor/Actress, worst debutant and others. There are few special categories like Lajja Award for Worst Treatment of a Serious Issue, Dara Singh Award For Worst Accent, Black Award for Emotional Blackmail and Bas KijiyeBahut Ho Gaya Award,” says Jatin.

The Ghanta Awards also acknowledges the worst in Indian cinema. Its purpose is it to”avenge the brain damage that bad movies caused to audiences!”

The film fraternity and audiences alike, in the past five years, have received the hilarious and wacky Ghanta Awards, another variant of bad film awards, very well.

INvision Entertainment Pvt Ltd is all set to etch the “wall of shame” with Bollywood’s popular as well as not so celebrated names. GaganTakyar, Managing Director of INvision Entertainment Pvt Ltd recounts the first days of the inception of the awards: “When it all started, it was a team of film critics and avid Bollywood fans who got together and realized what kind of bad films were made and being the critics they have to go to all kinds of movies being released over the year — good or bad. They have to put in reviews for the same. That’s the time they perceived there should be something which makes Bollywood realize the bad job they are doing. The Ghanta started with the inspiration from very popular awards in the Hollywood known as The Golden Raspberry Awards.”

What about attendance from the winners or losers, if we may call them so? Takyar says, “I won’t say none but most A-listers are not really open to coming and collecting their awards. Same time we have really sporting guys like Riteish Deshmukh, Sonam Kapoor, Arshad Warsi and Manish Paul who did grace the occasions. I can say it’s getting better but there is a long way to go”.

He further informs us, “That there is a jury of critics who come up with the list of nominees in January.The list goes up on the website and we open it up to public online voting. Online voting by the audience fuels the pun-packed Ghanta Awards. Around 40,000 plus people vote for the same. A panel of witty and distinguished judges along with the exciting online voting system recognizes the worst of Bollywood every year.”

“Our show is stand up comedy and self-entertaining, we don’t need to hire a dance troop for the performances to make it interesting, it’s the content itself that is very hilarious. Our USP is our content,” he adds.

“This will never go on a mainstream TV; we are little loud when we are on stage in terms of language, stand up comedy is about expression and creative freedom. So, we don’t want the restriction from the TV to kill the creativity. TV has lots of do’s and don’ts, which don’t work for stand up comedy. We have our own channel on YouTube. This year they’re making it even bigger by taking the show nationally to 6 cities and to UAE and Singapore that amasses a huge Bollywood fan following. So get ready to laugh like never before as you watch the night fill with fun, chuckles and satirical entertainment.”

The audience gets to vote 14 categories representing the worst of Bollywood.

Online voting goes on till the eve of the grand night. Categories including Worst Actor,Worst Film, Worst Director, Wtf Was That and many more give the audience the satisfaction of expressing their regret for watching this stuff, all in good humour of course!

Actress and Entrepreneur Shruti Seth feels, “Bollywood works pretty hard at making some not such good films — why not recognize that talent and effort? It’s a comedy show, it is meant to be funny, it is not meant to be taken seriously and it’s definitely not meant to offend. If you are one who gets offended easily, then please don’t watch the show.”

“It’s that time of the year when the worst of the worst are honored at The Ghanta awards. Year after year we have received appreciation and acknowledgment from the audiences as well as the fraternity. We’re hoping for the same this time as well. It takes a mighty heart to laugh at oneself; I am glad that Bollywood has warmed up to it now. It’s all in good spirit!” she adds.

The ceremony was attended by a few of industry’s bests, which is a good sign. This shows that the otherwise stuck-up Bollywood is finally warming up to some harmless humour.

After Golden Kela and Ghanta Awards, Radio Mirchi announced MIRCHI KADDU AWARDS to take a revenge on those who tortured us with senseless plots, horrid acting and terrible music. This is the second season.

The campaign which was started on 7th January, recently revealed the worst performers of the year of 2013. The categories included Kalam tod, Langri Taang, Bitwa Tumse Na Ho Paega, Pakau Film, Expiry Date, Kaan Main Dum and Phata Poster. While there was tough competition, but the best among the worst took the lead. Radio Mirchi recently revealed the name of the winner on the basis of SMS voting by listeners. Listeners were invited to vote for the worst across categories.

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