Q. People will see you in a totally new avatar in your upcoming film where you are playing a journalist. How did you prepare for this role? 

A. The film is very realistic. I saw multiple videos of Hindi journalists because there is a certain way in which they speak when they are reporting; they have a kind of rhythm to their language. I had to really get into that kind of flow. Plus the Hindi is very strong, so I had to really work on that to get into the skin of my character.

Q. You started your career with films like Sssshhh, Neal ’n’ Nikki, where you played a bubbly character. How different will be your role in Anna from your past projects, and what made you choose this film? 

A. As an actor, I have always believed in doing varied roles.  An actor would love to do a role like the one I have in Anna. It’s a meaty role and the female transforms in the film from someone who is jaded and not that involved in journalism to someone who’s very involved in what she’s doing. I think it was very interesting. I like playing these kinds of transformative roles.

Q. From being a VJ to a Bollywood actor — how has the journey been?

A. It’s been a wonderful journey in which I have experimented with various mediums including films, theatre, and television.  There has been a lot of learning and growth along the way but most importantly I have tried to pave a path for myself in which there is satisfaction at the end of the day as an artist and a performer.

Q. Apart from mainstream Hindi cinema, you have also worked in regional films. How different is working in regional cinema as compared to Bollywood?

A. Yes of course. Regional cinema has its own flavour depending on the language of the film. I love cinema — be it Bollywood or regional! 

Q. We have also seen you on the small screen. Are we going to see you soon on TV again?

A. It’s never about the medium but rather about the work coming my way.  I don’t mind doing television provided that there is something that really excites me. Bigg Boss was a challenge for me and so was Khatron Ke Khiladi as I never thought I would be able to do such stunts.  So whatever it be next, there has to be some sort of a challenge and learning in the project. 

Q. You have your own production house now.  What kind of movies are you planning to produce? Do you have anything specific in mind?

A. Interesting and meaningful content. Things are still underway and hence it’s too early to speak about it right now. 

Q. After a long span, people will see you on the big screen again. Are you now choosy about films?

A. “Choosy” wouldn’t be the right word.  I have always been working — I may have had a small gap in films but in that time I was still performing, be it through television or theatre or working on production behind the scenes. 

Q. Tell us about your upcoming projects? 

I have an Indo-American film coming up, for which I am currently completing the shooting for in New York.  Again it’s something completely different and I am sure the audience is going to love seeing this side of me as an actor.

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