Aansh Arora also shared some insights into his personal life and touched upon his expectations as a newcomer in the entertainment industry. Some excerpts from the interview.

Q. How long have you been in this industry?

A. It’s being two years in the television industry. Earlier I was doing theatre and was learning acting from Barry John’s acting studio, which is in Delhi.

Q. How did you stumble  onto the TV industry?

A. I am a BTech Engineer from Delhi. Our company Mediline Engineers has existed since my grandfather’s days and is doing well. We manufacture medical equipment and accessories for hospitals across India. We set up exclusive operation theatres. Due to this I have always been on the move and have met many people in different cities. I even went to California and there people used to throng around me during various social gatherings. They used to treat me like a Bollywood star.

Even my family members, relatives and friends started coaxing me to take up acting as a profession. I have been a  movie  buff since childhood. I liked all the actors, but Salman Khan was and is my favourite actor till date. To learn acting, I joined Bary John’s Acting Academy in Delhi. That was just the beginning of my new journey.

Q. You are also shooting for the &TV show Queens Hain Hum. What is your role in that?

A. I play one of the lead roles, which has many shades, of an architect from the UK. I will be visible fourth episode onwards. I love to be known as a versatile actor and do strong roles. I am not after money, but like to do good work and be acclaimed as a new star on the horizon.

Q. You have replaced Karan Wahi in the web series Tanhaaiyan. What do you want to say about it and were you aware of it?

A. I was not aware earlier that I was replacing Karan Wahi in the series. I learnt it later on during the shooting of this serial. It was the production house’s call. I think for me, being new in the industry, replacing Karan Wahi is a big thing. Karan Wahi is an established name in the industry, and replacing him is a great deal, not for me only but for any newcomer in the industry. He is a great

Q. Tell us something about your role in Tanhaaiyan?

A. My character’s name is Vishal Malhotra, and he is the friend of the lead actor, who is very happy-go-lucky by nature. The story is based on old friends meeting at a mutual friend’s marriage and having fun together.  

Q. How did you bag this role?

A. All the credit goes to Mrs. Gul Khan madam, producer at Four Lions Production, for singling me out to play Vishal Malhotra after I passed my look tests. I am thankful to madam and Goryk for having faith in me and giving me an opportunity to be a part of her reputed production house whose TV soap Ishaqbaaz, Qubool Hai, directed by Gorky himself on Star Plus is a hit.

Q. Where do you get your creative satisfaction from?

A. Thanks for the appreciation and encouragement. I always love to go into the skin of my characters. In front of the camera I just change myself into the character.This is how I get my creative satisfaction.

Q. Do you think web series are more popular than films now?

A. I think people prefer watching web series these days rather than spending time watching TV. This is a smart generation, everyone has smartphones, people hardly get time to switch on the TV and watch serials. 

Q. Any upcoming projects?

A. Tanhaiyan is a web series for Hot Star and that’s what I’ve been working on. 

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