Q. How does it feel to be in India?

Vin: It feels good. I always wanted to come to India. It was Deepika who made it all possible.

Deepika: He always wanted to experience India. Share the love and experience of  xXx with our fans. He has always been so supportive of this journey and experience for us.

Q. Before leaving for shooting, you were very excited but also nervous because it was a completely new territory for you. So how do you feel looking back now?

Deepika: Before I left India, I was nervous because I was going into a new place. Eventually it’s all the same because everyone is there for the right reason, to make a great movie with the same kind of passion, enthusiasm and hard work. Yes the difference for me was that a film like this will help me reach out to a much larger global audience but in every other way the experience for me was exactly the same.

Q. Will you give credit to Vin Diesel for helping you and make that transition into Hollywood?

Deepika: I have been very lucky in terms of the people I have worked with and Vin being a very important part of that. This comfort is not from now. We have known each other since 4-5 years now and the fact that I can do this kind of film and walk in with so much of confidence and knowing what I am doing is because I have him standing by me and he gives me that confidence.

Q. This movie is a global product. There is action, new story and you have got cast from all over the world in this film…

Vin: It is very exciting. I actually wanted to make another franchise of Fast and Furious but I wanted to go a step further with this, truly global and not stay within the confines of Hollywood. I tried to find a global representation of diversity. That diversity which is our world and is much more common than we think or that is reflected in movies. So I wanted to go for global realism and the movie promotes global harmony, which is very effective and very timely.

Q. You have Padmavati releasing soon and also you look forward to doing more global movies if indeed that happens. How do you plan to balance it out?

Deepika: At this stage it’s about being part of amazing movies and hopefully be allowed to do films where I have really strong and interesting characters to play.

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