Amit Sadh became an overnight star after giving a powerful performance in Kai Po Che. Last year has also been a good year for the actor. His role in Sultan was appreciated and the film became one of the biggest blockbusters of 2016. Known for being a heart-throb In B-Town, the actor is all ready for his next film, which will be releasing on 17 February, 2017.

Speaking about his character in, the actor tells Guardian 20, “The film is very funny and different and that is the USP of the film. I am playing the character of a Bihari boy who is in Punjab and if you see the characters of Taapsee Pannu, Arsh Bajwa, all  of us  play very immature people and the film is about their innocence. It’s a film about a beautiful love story growing between Bharose and Nimmi. It is very fresh and musical story portrayed in a realistic way. We had lots of fun while shooting it and I hope people like it.”

For Sadh, not only is the concept of the film very quirky but the script is also very differently written. He says, “It had different flavours and it is very humorous and I knew that I had to do this film the moment I heard it.”

He also shares his experience working with Taapsee Pannu. “Taapsee is a riot. She is an amazing actor and very fun girl to be around,” says Sadh.

As he plays the character of a Bihari boy in the film, Sadh had to work on his dialect. “I have worked on my accent and I hope people like it and appreciate it. I have not tried making fun of it. I hope it comes out as real,” he says.

But for Sadh, his journey has been very different. He quit his studies after completing school to pursue his acting career. “It is not a very good idea to leave education and run away. But I was lucky,” he says. “But I will not want people to do it and I would suggest all youngsters to finish their education and not be as immature and reckless as I was. Every individual has a different story to tell. And I am happy that I am getting good work in the industry.”

 “I think Kai Po Che is very siginficant. And I think every film has some importance in your career. In a film like  Sultan, it was a great role and it was a big film with a big superstar.”

Before coming to films, Sadh had also done a few reality shows in the past. But he thinks it is not hard to break the perception if you come from TV. He says, “I think that is all nonsense. If you work hard for your dream and keep working towards it then you can do anything you want.”

Sadh thinks that Kai Po Che came as the biggest break in his career. “I think Kai Po Che is very siginficant. And I think every film has some importance in your career. In a film like  Sultan, it was a great role and it was a big film with a big superstar. So, I got a lot of exposure and lots of people got to see me and my talent. So, every film you do has a lot of significance in your life and Sultan was a huge turning point in my career,” says Sadh.

On the experience of working with Salman Khan, Sadh says, “It is life-changing. He is very focused in his work and he is brilliant.”

The industry sees numerous newcomers emerge every year, and the competition is nothing less than cut-throat. Talking about the  struggle to survive in the industry, he says, “Just work hard. Being honest is of paramount importance. And just work hard with integrity. These are the things which are very essential and also you need a lot of love and help from others. And I think I have been very lucky that there are so many good people in my life who have helped me and supported me.”

The actor will also be seen in a new avatar in the upcoming film Sarkar 3, which is slated for a 17 March release. Sadh says, “I can’t tell you anything about the story, it is very tight. But it is going to be a very good franchise and working with Amitabh Bachchan is like a dream come true. I am eagerly waiting for the trailer to come out. And is very different from Sarkar 3. They are of different genres.”

Having played different characters in films like Guddu Rangeela and Kai Po Che, the actor thinks that it is not easy to take up roles that are poles apart. “I won’t say it’s easy. It’s a process of thinking differently and also a conscious decision for me to find characters that are not me in terms of dialect, diction, body language — characters that are totally somebody else. And I am fortunate enough to get such roles and you won’t be able to recognise me from one month to another. So, I want more challenging and different characters to play. You will see me this year in different roles and I hope you will like that,” he concludes.

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