Organising a gig in Delhi is something that is best avoided. Bureacratic hurdles abound in the capital, and obtaining the right permits from the government can drive even the most hardened of event managers to the cusp of insanity and despair. 

But this may soon change. According to a recent agreement struck between the government of Delhi and the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), the licensing process for live events in Delhi is set to become
much smoother. 

It has been reported that the state government has appointed a nodal officer, who will be responsible for streamlining the licensing process for live events. 

A single-window clearance system is being mooted, which would allow EEMA member companies to organise ticketed events in the capital without paying entertainment tax before the event. Applicants would also be able to pay fire, municipal and electricity taxes all in
one place. 

The dearth of decent venues in Delhi is another problem that is likely to be addressed. Twenty-three auditoriums in the city have been issued with a permanent license for hosting events, whereas more such venues are now under construction. 

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