Camping festivals which are clubbed with music can double the joy for music lovers. This double delight is the latest favourite trend in the event circuit apparently, since music fans now want a gig that comes packed with adventure activities, nature walks, workshops and sports on the side. 

On 17 and 18 December, Aamby Valley Airstrip is serving as host to Enchanted Valley Carnival (EVC), among the only multi-genre festival in the country. The fourth edition of the festival is a treat for music fans of all ages. The festival is open to all without any age barriers, making it a promising holiday getaway this December. The festival will not only feature EDM, techno and indie bands but also two new Bollywood and international pop acts, making it a perfect mix of international and homegrown talent.

EVC released early bird festival tickets for the 2016 edition of the festival on 9 September along with camping packages for luxury and regular tents at incredible prices. While most international fests offer a particular genre of music, this year’s EVC claims to cover every spectrum of music making it the first-of-its-kind multi-genre event. The two-day will also act as a camping haven for enthusiasts. The venue has been equipped with life-sized tents complete with amenities and facilities, making it the most experiential camping site in India. Hailed as India’s largest campsite, the Enchanted Village strives to create a “tribe” of fans that get a hands-on experience to delve into Indian culture through bon fires, painting and art workshops, drum circles and even silent parties!

Alongside music, the festival offers world cuisine through the Culinarium, a round-the-clock food fiesta to suit every mood and palate. The pop-ups shall offer unique lip-smacking and mouth-watering recipes from some of the best restaurants. Besides, the bar offers various cocktails and mocktails that are specially curated.

The adventure sports is another exciting aspect of the event to look forward to — fun activities packed within two days, making it a one-stop destination for all the excitement.  With professional adventure sports like quad biking, bungee jumping and even romantic hot air balloon rides, the event has loads more in store.

“We started seeding it as a multi-genre festival in the first year and today, EVC is the largest multi-genre camping festival hosted at a premium destination. All this enhances the overall vibe of the festival. We also have a power-packed line-up of international and Indian artists from every major genre, which we can’t wait to unveil. 

Shoven Shah, founder, EVC and director, Twisted Entertainment, stated: “My vision for EVC has always been about giving the complete experience and making it a diverse festival for the consumer: whether it’s the music, camping and even the location we host our festival at. We started seeding it as a multi-genre festival in the first year and today, EVC is the largest multi-genre camping festival hosted at a premium destination that enhances the overall vibe of the festival. We have a power-packed line-up of international and Indian artists from every major genre this year which we can’t wait to unveil.”

Another music and camping festival, Ziro Festival of Music will be organised from 22-25 September at Ziro in Arunchal Pradesh. Music, art and culture together in the lap of nature will make the festival worth attending. Several art and photography workshops will also be conducted at this much talked about festival. The visitors are recommended to check the website for camp and stay plans. Both international and Indian artists are performing here, including Natasha Humera Ejaz, Akummika, Gramlines, Madboy, Reverse Tragedy and Smooth Relax among others. 

According to the official website of the festival, “Ziro is primarily home to the Apatanis — simple, friendly and hospitable people with an interesting culture and legacy. They are a non-nomadic, agrarian tribe who share a responsible relationship with nature. Apatanis cultivate permanent wet land cultivations instead of dry land cultivations which involves burning forests. Ziro valley is lush with paddy farms and is known for its unique paddy cum fish cultivation where using traditional irrigation methods, farmers rear fish in the knee-deep water. Keeping them company are the adorable, shy, and harmless Indian Bisons.”

To think of a festival taking place in such a rich and unique cultural landscape is definitely a treat for the senses.

Magnetic Fields, the music festival which takes place in Alsisar Mahal in the Alsisar Village in the Jhunjhunu District of Rajasthan is another must-visit. This year the festival is scheduled to be held from 9-11 December. Local stars and internationally-known celebrities will be performing at the festival. The Alsisar place,  where the event takes place, is a 17th-century palace. The location of the festival further accentuates the charm of the gig as visitors will find themselves at a historic setting. There is an option for visitors to choose their stay either in luxury palace suits or at a fully furnished tent village. Apart from regular side events, there will be a star-gazing workshop. The small towns make a perfect site for star gazing due to low amounts of light pollution.

The music and camping festivals see a lot of visitors both from India and abroad, who are here to immerse themselves in the spirit of the place along with the music. So enjoy the sound of music with the wonderful experiences of camping and star-gazing. Here is wishing you a very happy musical journey. Bon Voyage!

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