Mandawa is all set to resurge the magic and magnetism of TAALBELIA, one of the most unique music festivals. Kick start your new year with this four-day round-the-clock festival that infuses music, food, art and craft. Explore the tradition and culture of Mandawa through this multi-format festival to be held between January 26 and January 29, 2017.

Majestic Mandawa lies in the heart of Rajasthan, which is known for its forts and Havelis. This picturesque town provides travellers and visitors with a sense of discovery at every turn. In the lap of Shekhawati royalty, four days, 3 stages and more than 30 acts promise the wide range of desirable music genres. It is an ideal combination of the comfort of a vacation immersed in music, royal hospitality, art and royal cuisine along with an adventure.

Environs of Mandawa create magic with two beautiful venues, namely Castle Mandawa and Desert Resort. Different genres of contemporary, classical and folk music will enthrall the audience. This festival will showcase the majestic and magnetic charm of the royal Shekhawati region and its culture. Taalbelia gives you the experience of a rich confluence of music and other forms of art. It is a platform for multi-genre artists to come together and create magic! In a boutique environment, you will experience adventure-laden activities, workshops, safaris, royal cuisine and of course music throughout the 4 days.

From the heights of a royal castle, through the surface of an oasis, to a stroll into the desert, Taalbelia will take you on a journey at every step.

The Music

The music is set to elevate your sprits through specially curated sets featuring the Indian Ocean, PanditVishwa Mohan Bhatt who is a Grammy Award winner and George Brooks (American saxophonist known for combining jazz and Indian classical music). They also have Bhanwari Devi, Rapper Divine, Nicholson, Parvaaz, Dualist Inquiry, Ghazi Khan & Anwar Khan Manganiyar, PrateekKuhad, Prem Joshua, Rajasthan Josh Group, Reggae Rajahs, Sid Vashi, Soulmate, Sound Avatar, Ritviz DJ Producer, and Shadow & Light. During early morning sessions, Sumitra (Meerabhajans) and Sunita Amin (drupad) will be featured. Few others who are also part of this festival are Manganiyar Classroom by Roysten Abel, Ankur & Ghalat Family, Arambola, ArjunVagale, Grain (DJ Set). Special collaborations are also a part of the billing at Taalbelia, such as the Shillong-based blues act Soulmate featuring the talented Anwar Khan (Manganiyar) among others, to be announced shortly.


Music takes your sprit higher but Taalbelia’s also has Pro-Life exquisite Workshops. They have a distinctive set of interactive sessions: learn to play the Morchang, stand behind the console jamming with the DJs, understand the rhythm of the khartaal, polish your shooting skills or potter around the potter’s wheel, get familiar with the beautiful horses at the royal stables. There’s also a crash course that teaches you to make the unique and signature Rajasthani Lac bangles and the options of sand surfing and dirt biking.

The Royal Cuisine

Taalbelia’s Gourmet Fiesta will be a paradise for food-lovers who wish to indulge in authentic delicacies and unique cuisine of Shekhawati and the region does boast of an array of fine culinary delights such as seasonal specials based on gram flour, dry vegetables, bajra and corn, hot raab(local soup) along with traditional favourites such as Kaachri Ki Lunji, pithod variations, pyaaz-ki-sabzi, gatta, and of course the popular non-vegetation Shekhawati dishes which find a unique footing in Rajasthani delicacies. It is not restricted to Rajasthani cuisines, 

The menu extends itself to a world of wonders with cuisines such as Middle Asian, Mangolian and Mexican.

This unique music festival is an initiative by India’s premier event and experiential marketing agency Event Crafter in joint collaboration with the Royal Family of Mandawa.

Mandawa was the crowned citadel for Shekhawati. The glory of the land has frozen in time and its art, its music, and its culinary finesse are still bound to mesmerize senses. But, owing to the lack of conviction in the initiatives; the city of Mandawa yearns to regain its erstwhile charm and magic, which Taalbelia seeks to provide.


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