India has secured the seventh rank in the world in terms of positive influence on global affairs, an international survey has found.

A new global Ipsos MORI survey, which collected feedback from 18,055 adults aged 16-64 in 25 countries, proclaimed that the public finds India among the countries with the most positive influence on world affairs.

Canada topped the list, whereas only four in 10 people said they viewed the US influence as positive. With 53% saying India has a positive influence globally, the survey places the country ahead of China (49%) and US (40%). US is just ahead of Russia, Israel and Iran.

However, the respondents said they see the US’ influence as less negative than when President George W. Bush left office in 2009.

In April 2008, the BBC World Service/Globescan annual Country Ratings Poll found an average of 35% of people saying the US’ world influence was “mainly positive.” 

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