Jammu and Kashmir Governor Narinder Nath Vohra wants to be relieved from his position as early as possible, sources told The Sunday Guardian. There is speculation that he may have been upset with both the Central and the state governments’ handling of the situation in J&K.

Many national newspapers have  said that Vohra is considering to quit, however, the Home Ministry has refuted such reports. According to sources close to the Raj Bhavan, Vohra had been voicing his concern about the unrest in J&K in his reports to the Central government.

According to reports, which could not be immediately verified by The Sunday Guardian, Vohra was deeply upset with the growing alienation in Kashmir and the “shrinking space for dissent”. Reports further said that Vohra was in favour of Central rule in the state for several months and he strongly batted for dialogue to be resumed with all the stake-holders of Kashmir. The Centre’s apparent refusal to act on his requests has led Vohra to consider resigning, reports claimed.

Vohra recently expressed his displeasure openly against the state government for not being able to mitigate the sufferings of the common people. The local press further reported that the Governor expressed his marked displeasure at the way the cleaning of the Dal Lake was being handled by the officials of Lakes and Waterways Development Authority, whom he met recently.

The Central government is said to be looking for Vohra’s replacement. Recently, a national newspaper reported that Vohra may resign 10 months before the end of his second term as the Governor of J&K. This particular report was neither confirmed nor denied by the Central government. It is in place to mention that Vohra, before he took over as the Governor of J&K, had been sent by the Central government to negotiate with the separatists.

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