The parents of 34-year old Rajat Tyagi, a lawyer by profession, who allegedly committed suicide, are running from pillar to the post to make their voice heard that it was a murder and not suicide.

As per the police version, Rajat committed suicide by jumping from the 11th floor of the Pearl Court I apartment in Essel Towers on M.G. Road, Gurugram. The incident took place between 3-4 am on 15 August this year. But, according to his father, it was a case of murder, which could have been committed by some youths, living in the same building, with whom the family had some arguments over the issue of making noise in the past.

Rajat was living with his parents. Around 3.15 am, his father S.K. Tyagi found that his son was not in his bed. He assumed that he must have gone to the washroom. However, when he did not come back even after a long time, he started looking for him. He found that the cooler near his kitchen was broken. But there was no trace of his son.

He then went to the balcony but he was not there. The main gate was closed. The parents then went downstairs to find that Rajat’s body was lying in a pool of blood. Subsequently, the police was informed.

“My only child was lovely, simple, caring and intelligent. He was a wonderful artist and great believer of God. There was absolutely no reason for any kind of depression, dissatisfaction or any kind of difficulties. He was a cheerful, healthy, well built and handsome man who loved his parents,” said Tyagi, while speaking to this newspaper.

S.K. Tyagi served as a financial advisor to the Commissioner of Delhi Police for a long time after which he was deputed to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Rajat did his studies from Summerville School, Delhi. He became a law graduate and was registered as an advocate with the Bar Council of Delhi.

According to his father Tyagi, there are several inconsistencies in the investigation which indicate that it was not a case of suicide.

“It is a cold-blooded murder which needs to be properly probed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI),” he added. Talking about the inconsistencies, he said no photograph of the site was taken where Rajat fell and died and no panchnama was done on the spot. “Moreover, no marking was made of the place where he allegedly fell down from the 11th floor. The place/blood was washed within half an hour. The police also did not try to find out why he chose a small window instead of a big balcony if he at all wanted to commit suicide,” said Tyagi.

‘My only child was lovely, simple, caring and intelligent. He was a wonderful artist and great believer of God. There was absolutely no reason for any kind of depression.’

The investigating officers, he said, did not even go to the side where the window from where Rajat supposedly jumped off, is located.

“At the top floor, four-five boys stay who used to create nuisance about one and half years ago. I along with the secretary and president of the RWA went to them and found a few girls there, and all were creating nuisance. We wanted to call the police but changed our minds later on some friends’ advice as it may adversely affect the image of the society. The boys reluctantly agreed that they would not do so again,” he said. But the problem continued after that. In fact, because of the problem, we decided to change the house. Even on the day of the incident he told his mother ‘please leave this house as early as possible as I am not comfortable here as the boys are harassing me’,” Tyagi said.

Tyagi said though there is no CCTV camera on the outside of the building, there is a five-star hotel and bank facing the flat where there is a possibility of these cameras and the police team should get the footage from there.

The retired officer has approached the Gurugram Police Commissioner Sandeep Khirwal in this regard, after which a senior officer was sent to the apartment. However, he, according to Tyagi, insisted that it was a case of suicide. He has also approached the senior police officials in Panchkula but so far there has not been any positive outcome.


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