Around 300 to 325 terrorists are waiting to cross over to India from close to 15 launch pads in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) across the Line of Control. The latest intelligence developed by the security agencies has revealed that the surgical strike that was carried out almost a year ago had led to a temporary halt in the infiltration, but it has resumed again.

The heavily armed terrorists are waiting at launch pads spread across Lipa (40 terrorists), Dudhnial (25), Shardi (10), Nekrun (20), Durmat (5), Jura (25), Janwai (15), Kel (15), Jura (25), Bokhra (30), Shakot (25), Alhuri (35), Battakaiyan (10), Battahalan (15) and Khojabandi (35). Numbers in brackets are approximations.

Similarly, the Border Action Team (BAT) of the Pakistan army, which comprises men from the Special Services Group and terrorist groups, numbering approximately 50 men, have also concentrated in PoK near Uri sector, with the intention to carry out attacks against the Indian security forces.

Security sources said that they are expecting that these terrorists will try to enter India in small batches of five-six over a period of time through multiple routes, which have been identified by the security agencies. The newspaper is not publishing the details of the routes that the agencies have identified, due to security reasons.

“The launch pads are functioning at ‘full capacity’ now and the number of infiltrators waiting to cross over, apart from close to 30 that have already infiltrated, is very high. We are doing our best to keep them away, but it is not practically possible to man every inch of the ground. ‘Stray incidents’ will happen and more the number of terrorists awaiting at the launch pad, the more the number of these ‘stray incidents’ happening,” a source said.

As per sources, the majority of those who are waiting for an opportunity to infiltrate into Kashmir are from the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and Jaish-e-Mohammad and they are given cover fire by the Pakistan army when they try to cross over to India as happened on the intervening night of 22/23 August when there was a massive exchange of fire after the Pakistan army resorted to firing on the BSF and the Army personnel who were stationed in Karen sector. Following that, “some” terrorists were successfully able to infiltrate into the country.

These terrorists are going to target the camps of security forces as winter sets in the valley, agency sources have said.

“The Lashkar and Hizbul Mujahideen have been asked to provide local support to the cadre of Jaish-e-Mohammad which will be using its men to carry out strikes attacking the convoys and camps of the security forces including that of the Army and the CRPF, particularly in Baramulla and Kupwara,” a source said.

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