It certainly is a feather in Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s cap that the state continues to consolidate its leadership in knowledge-intensive  industries. The fact that Bengaluru has been listed among the top 25 high-tech cities  by the World Economic Forum, in September—2017 and ranked first, by the Economist Intelligence Unit in November—2017 establishes the City’s supremacy and revives, in the confidence of businesses  to do digital transformations based on the skills and available infrastructure.

But the same is not enough for Siddaramaiah, who told The Sunday Guardian, “While we continue to maintain our leadership position in existing industries, it is my dream to establish Karnataka as a global technology hub and a leader in new and emerging industries.” 

The  state has drawn up an ambitious plan “Vision for Karnataka 2025” which promises to establish the State  as the torch-bearer for India and lead the country as it  embraces Industry 4.0, led by technology.

 Siddaramaiah reiterates that  Karnataka has taken pro-active steps to promote the emerging technologies for Industry 4.0 revolution.

The state has an excellent track record in Information Technology, Bio-Technology and other  technologies  which have flourished in the State . The credit for the  same goes to the support of state government to the Industry and Entrepreneurs . State also boasts of an excellent research eco-system and talent pool which has been a part of its Industrial history. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah assures, “As the world continues to evolve and adapt newer technologies, I assure that we would leave no stone unturned to make our State future-ready. Our Government has taken concrete steps and continues to design policies and schemes in alignment with the grand vision for Karnataka  a global technology leader  and a pioneer in driving inclusive growth.” 

Sharing his plans the Chief Minister explains that the Government is committed to replicate Bengaluru’s eco-system model by adopting a cluster based approach  for development of its Aerospace, Biotechnology, Electronics, Information Technology, Agri-Biotechnology industries  across cities and towns in Karnataka.

Given the infrastructure constraints , the state is looking beyond Bengaluru. New talent development centers and incubation facilities  are being set up in Mysuru, Mangaluru, Kalaburagi, Hubballi-Dharwad and  will be followed to other cities of Karnataka.

To take Internet access to the rural areas , the state government decision has taken up an ambitious project to install Wi-Fi  facility in all the gram panchayats across Karnataka beginning with 2500 gram panchayats this year.

  In a bid to silence his  political critics Siddaramaiah says, “If Karnataka today accounts for 44 percent of the  total investment intentions in the country in 2017 as per the data released  by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry then we must be doing something very right.” It’s with this confidence that Siddaramaiah is focusing his energy on launching Pro-People schemes which have become a big hit. The latest being the Indira Canteen which serve a meal for as low as Rs 10 to the masses in Bengaluru and will be expanded to other cities in the coming months.

As the state faces polls in the coming months the tag of being the No. 1 investment destination on one hand and being successful in implementing his pro-poor schemes will hold Siddaramaiah in good stead. 

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