A visually-impaired man has brought together People with Disabilities (PwDs) to participate in adventure sports alongside able-bodied people. Divyanshu Ganatra lost his eyesight to an illness at the age of 19. The biggest tragedy of his life inspired him to venture into sports and attract other people who have been stereotyped due to their perceived disabilities.

A clinical psychologist and a behavioural facilitator by profession, Ganatra founded “Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation” (ABBF) to challenge the stigma around disabilities. According to Ganatara, since its inception in 2014, ABBF has influenced 4,000 PwDs, as well as about 1.5 lakh able-bodied individuals.

In order to promote adventure sports among PwDs, Ganatra, India’s first blind solo para-glider, partnered with Firefox Bikes to organise the inclusive event with able-bodied individuals as well as persons with disability participating in “Paramotoring” activity, at the Flyboy Aero Park in Gurugram on Sunday, November 19. The event was third of its kind for Firefox Bikes. General activities in which participants indulge in are pappling, slack lining and wall climbing.

Aditya Munjal, CEO of Firefox Bikes, said, “It is a pleasure to work towards enhancing inclusion and employability for PwDs. We are confident that this opportunity will truly blossom into a vibrant platform for people independent of disability.”

ABBF, a non-profit, hosts adaptive and inclusive adventure sports that cater to various disabilities alongside able-bodied individuals. Ganatra said: “If you want to see large-scale systemic change, it is imperative to have corporates and other large organisations buy into the cause. It paves the path and sends out a message, loud and clear. This role-modelling, this willingness to take a stand, is what acts as the true impetus to social change. We are very excited to see the partnership with Firefox unfold.”