Sources in the security establishment told The Sunday Guardian that Pakistan’s ISI is actually trying to convince the international community that India is a “terrorist state” and to that end, while manufacturing evidence, it is taking drafting points from the way Indian agencies prepare genuine dossiers against Pakistan-based terrorists’ activities.

In a recent dossier prepared by the ISI to “unmask the role of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in planting IEDs to target Pakistani assets and civilians”, the ISI manufactured evidences to allege that the Indian agencies were carrying out terror strikes in the country. The fake report has been drafted in a manner Indian agencies prepare genuine reports after investigating terror strikes in India.

As per the “investigation” carried out by the Pakistani agencies, “Indian agencies were involved in planting highly sophisticated IEDs near the Line of Control (LoC) 27 times since 2016 that led to the death of eight civilians and military officials and injuring 19”.

As per the concocted report, Indian intelligence operators used hand-held radios or cellular phone (GSM) devices for remotely activating IEDs by using Indian telecom companies’ GSM networks.

The dossier says that the tape used to hold the wires of the circuit together is of Indian origin and is manufactured by the Anchor Grip Company of Gujarat and that the forensic analysis of the IED also revealed the use of Indian manufactured geometry boxes as a container for the trigger of remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs). The circuits used in these IEDs, as per the report, were manufactured by an Indian company, Verse.

The dossier, which contains pictures of “Indian tapes”, has further stated that some lines in Hindi that have been written on the circuit boards have also been recovered from the blast site.

“The Indian agencies have used doorbell switches in a few IEDs where inscription/marking have been deliberately scratched off”, the dossier claimed. It also claimed—without giving any specific details regarding the identity, name, place of arrest—that some Indian spies have confessed that Indian intelligence agencies and Indian Army posted on the Line of Control (LoC) had hired them for planting IEDs in areas close to the LoC to target the Pakistan army.

Sources in the intelligence community in India said that the Pakistanis were just copy-pasting content from reports that India had shared with them after every major attack including the 26/11 attack and the recent terror attacks on Indian military establishment in the Kashmir valley that includes the January 2016 Pathankot attack, following which a special team of Pakistani officials had visited the terror site.

“They are copying and pasting everything from what our agencies are sharing with them. Basically, they are taking the easiest route that is available to try to discredit India, which is to use our template, our theory, our findings and replace them with their ‘facts’,” a source said.

The said report will be presented at various international forums and shared widely in the hope that it will weaken India’s defence of Kulbhushan Jadhav. The report says that India is violating the Geneva Convention by targeting civilians.

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