Kashmir’s first and only all-girl rock band, Pragaash, has decided to stop performing months after its debut. The decision was taken after they drew flak from the people of the Valley.

Angry people flooded Facebook with open threats to the three band members and their families after their debut performance at the highly secure Indoor Stadium of Srinagar housing the CRPF in December. The event was sponsored by the CRPF.

The mother of one of the band members told this newspaper, “I don’t want my daughter to become a part of some musical group. So I have told her not to be in such activities.”

The police, however, is yet to take action against the people who have issued open threats against the band. Asked about its inaction, a senior police officer told this newspaper that they have not received any complaints from the girls or from their parents.

Meanwhile, Kashmir civil society and women’s rights activists condemned the intimidation.

The head of one of the religious organisations that objected to the band said, “We have no objections to the learning of music by girls, but some people want Kashmiri girls to perform in vulgar manner before politicians, security forces and police officials.”

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