The Karnataka Power Corporation Limited began its odyssey with a humble beginning in 1970. With an installed capacity of 746 MW (1970), it has expanded its capacity to 6523.905MW (as on 30.11.2015) and in future poised to add 2315 MW from its on-going projects, Besides preparatory works are on hand in respect of project for 3470 MW. A revenue of Rs.66505 Million in 2015 as compared, to Rs.1.30 Million in 1971, speaks volumes about KPCL’s progress.

Speaking to The Sunday Guardian, M.Maheswar Rao(IAS), the Managing Director of KPCL, said that one of the main reasons for the success of the body was that it had a powerful board.  “It is backed by a very powerful board. This board  comprises the Chairman (Chief Minister), Vice-Chairman (Minister for Power), senior officers of the State Government and an eminent domain expert, “ he said.  

Maheshwar Rao further said that it was important that there was a a visionary Board. “This visionary board has been instrumental as a launching pad for future initiatives to chart the growth path of KPCL. We have a dedicated band of 5243 employees who are striving to turn the dreams into reality.    

Maheshwar Rao said that  the Indian economy was steadily growing. “India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Over the next five years, this growth is expected to continue.  We are playing our part in this growth,” he added.

When asked how the KPCL would meet the increased demand for power, Maheshwar Rao said it was big challenge. “I must admit that to meet the increased demand for power Karnataka it is a real big challenge. After all it is the first state in the country to conceive and set up a professionally managed Corporation to plan, construct, operate and maintain power generation projects is all set to meet the ever increasing energy needs of the people of the state,” he said.

Since the last three decades the state run Karnataka Power Corporation has been a prime mover and catalyst behind key power sector reforms in the state have spiralled steady growth witnessed in both industrial and economic areas. Taking a step ahead KPCL apart from augmenting the thermal and Hydel power capacity is bringing in a string of measures to further boost and bridge the demand supply gap in the state by exploring renewable energy options. In this direction it’s tapping solar energy, wind energy and chalking plans for other clean renewable energy sources in urban and rural areas.

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