The CEO of Greater Noida authority Deepak Agarwal is a busy man. Shuttling across from one meeting to another, he has virtually no time to even have lunch.  Despite his busy schedule he took time off to interact with Sunday Guardian on the growth of Greater Noida as an industrial hub.

“The first and foremost thing about Greater Noida is its unique location. By virtue of this, we happen to be sitting in the middle of the two major corridors. The first is the Delhi- Mumbai corridor which happens to be one of the most busy sectors of business,” said Deepak Agarwal.  The Eastern and Western freight corridor interact through this area so Greater Noida is strategically located which makes it an investor’s dream destination.

Deepak said that the metro will reach here in 2017 three months ahead of schedule.

In the DMIC, there is a concept of industrial corridor – industrial clusters. One such cluster is the Integrated Industrial Township (IIT). This is spread over 747.50 acres. Another interesting aspect about this project is that there are two stake holders 50 % stake holder is Greater Noida & rest 50 % is Govt of India. This will be a game changer for this area when it comes up,” said Deepak.

“The first thing about Greater Noida is its unique location. We are sitting in the middle of two major corridors”

The IIT would have the state of art technology which will have vacuum cleaned garbage system, underground wiring, etc. The work has been awarded to Shapoorji Pallonji, a Mumbai based builders who has already started work and are confident that they will finish their work in two years time,” said Agarwal.  

Along with IIT, we are also developing Multi Model Logistic Hub (MMLH) & Multi Model Transport Hub (MMTH) in vicinity. Apart from the IIT hub, there is a Dadri- Noida- Ghaziabad Industrial region. The dedicated freight corridor along with MMLH & MMTH will enable the goods to reach Mumbai port in 24 hours. The authority has also planned a RFP for a heliport also.

Deepak who has taken over the reigns of the Greater Noida authority some months back, felt that there was a lot of potential in the area which had to be tapped. “The Greater Noida area offers great potential for growth and we have come up some solid plans to realize this goal,” he said.

Another unique feature which the Greater Noida authority has come up is the KYA. “This is the Know Your Allottee, an identification feature which is really unique. Under this, any person who owns any property in Greater Noida can access all the dues which he owes at the click of a mouse.  For instance if that person no matter even if he is in London or anywhere in the world can be updated with his water, electricity and other dues just after punching in his KYA number,” said Deepak.

Also the Greater Noida authority is going to come up  with couple of unique projects. One is the Night Safari which will be spread over 350 acres.     

“We will invite global tenders for the night safari as this is a major project and we don’t want to compromise on the quality of this project,” said Agarwal. Speaking about the night safari, Deepak said it was would be one of the most ambitious projects to be undertaken.

‘I am sure that this night safari will be one of the most unique projects to be undertaken in the country once it comes up,” he said.

In an attempt to reduce pollution, the Greater Noida authority has decided to construct a cycle track  There will be three such tracks—one in Knowledge Park 2, Knowledge Park 3 and Gautam Budh University.


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