Dr Arun Vir Singh, CEO of the YAMUNA EXPRESSWAY INDUSTRIAL AUTHORITY on the industrial development in the area, has said that two Electronic Manufacturing Clusters (EMCs) had been cleared by Govt Of U.P. In this area recently. “We have got two Electronic Manufacturing Clusters. The YEIDA has allotted the land for the first EMC in which electronic companies will develop this as per their requirements,” he said. Elaborating on these EMCs, Singh said, “The two EMCs are 100 acres each. The first one has gone to mobile giant LAVA along with five other companies who formed a sort of consortium,” he added.

As regards the second EMC, the government of UP has advertised THE EXPRESSION OF INTEREST. Right now, I can tell you that some very big mobile companies are the leading bidders for this. All the formalities will be cleared in the next one month,” Singh said. YEIDA has decided to pursue  E-office concept so office can be paperless. In this regard YEIDA has launched File tracking system, Dak tracking system and Govt orders tracking. By doing this all files will be tracked and be kept in E- folder so chance of being misplacing file is out of question now. By tracking Dak of farmers and other stakeholders the system will be more accountable.Yeida will also launch RTI and Project Management Tracking System in March 2016.

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), is faced with a big challenge — to distribute compensation in over 900 cases pending in around 29 villages. “The government has paid 64.7% of the compensation in lieu of the fact that there will be no litigation. Under this, every petitioner will have to withdraw his writ petition to claim this compensation,” he said.

Singh said that convincing the farmers was a major challenge. “I think the main battle was to convince these farmers to withdraw their petitions. It is not an easy job,” he said.

“We have cleared two Electronic Manufacturing Clusters. We will give the land to companies who will develop them as per their requirements”

Arun Vir Singh said that the government had decided that they would embark on distributing compensation only after 100% of the farmers withdrew their petition. “But now it has been decided that even if 80% come under this, we will implement it. So that’s how we are implementing it now,” he said, adding that the YEIDA had identified three villages for this purpose. “We have identified three villages. These are the Acheja Buzurg village, Rajupara Village and Kadarpur where we will be providing the compensation,” he said.

Singh said that the YEIDA had made major gains as far as persuading the farmers was concerned. “I am happy to say that right now, we have persuaded farmers and about 80% of them have submitted their applications. In 2009, we had distributed the full compensation. But there was a dispute in Greater Noida and the Supreme Court ordered that we had to do the second stage of compensation,” he said.

A mixed land use scheme launched by the YEIDA on 1st Jan 2016. “Under this, 75% will be for Industry ,12% for Resedential ,8% commercial, and 5% will be for facilities. The entire process is transparent and clear, there are no hidden costs,” Singh said.

The Samajwadi Yojana will also be launched by the YEIDA during March 2016 “This yojana is having 29.5 square metre for each house. A total of 2,000 houses will be built under this scheme which is aimed at the weaker sections and the cost is quite nominal. We will built these houses keeping in mind the requirement for the lower sections of the society ,” Singh said. Asked about the main USP of the YEIDA, Singh said that transparency was the cornerstone. “We at YEIDA believe in total transparency. we want to ensure that those associated with us for any project experience clarity and openness,” he added.

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