The family of the 25-year-old deceased model Priyanka Kapoor, who allegedly committed suicide in a posh South Delhi apartment, accused Delhi Police of extreme negligence in the investigation and denounced the excessively slow pace of the probe. Dimpy Kapoor, sister of the deceased model, held  Priyanka’s newly wedded husband, Nitin Chawla responsible for her sister’s death. Nitin owns several pubs and was arrested after the deceased’s family alleged that he used to torture and harass Priyanka for dowry.

“There has been sheer negligence of facts in the investigation. To begin with, the postmortem was unduly delayed. Priyanka was murdered on 25 March but her postmortem was not done until 27 March. We kept asking the police why was it being delayed and they kept giving us muddled answers until later we were told that without the statements of SDM postmortem couldn’t be conducted. But there is no such rule where permission is required by the SDM for a postmortem. Even so, the SDM, who was out of town on 25 March, had returned on 26 March around 1pm. Still Priyanka’s body wasn’t sent for postmortem until the next morning,” said Dimpy. 

Priyanka’s body was found in a sitting posture on the bed with one end of the dupatta tied to her neck and the other tied to the ceiling fan. Her eyes and mouth were already closed. If she killed herself then how could she have managed to sit in a perfect posture on the bed? The distance between where her body was found and the ceiling fan was at least 1-2ft,” Dimpy added.

Priyanka’s body was found inside her locked flat in Defence Colony. Her family had approached the police after she hadn’t taken their phone calls. 

Priyanka had been courting Nitin for about a year before she married him in January and shifted to their Defence colony apartment. Dimpy said, “Priyanka got to know about Nitin’s first wife and two kids only after their marriage. The first time Priyanka discussed her troubled marriage with me was on 30 January after she had an argument with Nitin. Even in her suicide note and her personal diary, Priyanka wrote about the physical and emotional harassment that she was going through because of Nitin.”

In her suicide note Priyanka also wrote about her mother-in-law’s ill behavior towards her as she did not consent to the marriage. According to sources, the police have not questioned Nitin’s mother. Nitin had two kids from his first marriage, a son and a daughter who lived with their mother. But Nitin’s 10-year-old son had started living with him and Priyanka since mid-March. Sources said that in her diary, Priyanka had written about how “monstrous” Nitin’s 10-year-old son was.

Dimpy said, “My sister did not commit suicide. She was murdered by her husband who only wanted her money. Nitin was stuck deep in debts and Priyanka was a financially strong and independent woman. He made her leave her job and restrained her from meeting family and friends. He lied to her about his first wife. He also had a rape case filed against him in 2014. None of us had any idea about all this. The negligence of Delhi police in taking the investigation seriously has left us in despair. We are waiting for the charge sheet to be filed after which we’ll be able to determine the next course of our action.”

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