The Delhi Public Grievance Commission (PGC) has recently transferred six cases of illegal construction and disproportionate assets in the national capital to the Central Bureau of Investigation, taking them away from the Delhi Anti Corruption Branch (ACB), citing the latter’s “incompetence”.

N. Dilip Kumar, member PGC said, “Corruption being a serious matter, prompt and effective action needs to be taken. Furthermore, apart from cases of corruption, more cases of disproportionate assets can be unearthed and since the CBI has specialised competence in such investigations and is also well-equipped in such matters, the commission feels it is necessary that the CBI carries out these investigations.”

In a complaint received by the PGC on 28 July 2015, Jamuna Prasad Gupta, the complainant, had alleged that two persons had illegally acquired their property at Jewan Park in Delhi with the connivance of the local police. Taking cognizance of the complaint, the PGC convened its hearing in October last year, and referred the case to the ACB on 15 March 2016 for further investigation.

“The case had been referred to the ACB for investigation and on the latest hearing on 24 May 2016, when the ACB had to file the Action Taken Report, no one from the ACB was present and there was no progress in the case. Thus, the ACB has been directed to close the matter and the matter has been referred to the CBI for a thorough investigation,” Dilip Kumar said.

In another case, Ram Kishan, the complainant, has filed a complaint of illegal construction of godowns in the Khera Kalan area in North West Delhi. The complainant has apprised the Commission of the illegal construction of several godowns with the connivance of the local municipal corporation engineers. These illegal constructions started in 2009 and his repeated complaints to the North Municipal Corporation officials went unheard. Since then, the number of illegal godowns has risen to 400 in the area. He also alleged the involvement of a huge amount of money between the dealers and the engineers.

The PGC, in this case, was unsatisfied with the Action Taken Report filed before it by the Assistant Engineer of the Narela Zone, and according to Dilip Kumar, observed, “The Commission is of the opinion that this is a huge racket, which amounts to crores of rupees and needs an investigation and thus the matter is being referred to the CBI for further investigation.”

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