Jammu’s Sangeeta Sindhi Bahl is all set to become the oldest Indian woman to scale the highest mountain peak in North America’s Mount Denali. In 2018, she had already scaled Mount Everest.

Sangeeta Bahl told the media that even at 54, she was all prepared to conquer North America’s Mount Denali. She will be the first from the state of Jammu and Kashmir to complete the seven summits at this age. Bahl added that she is confident of setting the record as she has already conquered the remaining six.

According to Bahl, she has already conquered Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mount Elbrus (Europe), Mount Vinson (Antarctica), Mount Aconcagua (South America), Mount Kosciousco (Australia) and Mount Everest (Asia). She scaled Mount Everest in 2018.

Sangeeta Bahl was recently in Leh training for North America’s Mount Denali, “I have learnt how to navigate snow and ice crafting while being in Leh. I had a wonderful training in Leh,” she said.

Talking to the media before undertaking her journey on Friday, she said that she expected to have a good time as she is going to North America with three other climbers.

Recently, Sangeeta Bahl turned into a vegetarian and hoped to send a message to end animal cruelty through this act.


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