Government of India is gearing up to sign key strategic agreements including the first of three foundational agreements with the US before US President Barack Obama vacates office for his successor, according to diplomatic sources in New Delhi.

Sources said that Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is expected to visit the US after the G-20 meeting takes place in Hangzhou in China next month.

India’s leaders are set to meet the Chinese leadership in G-20 as well as the BRICS summit that will take place in Goa. India’s strengthening relationship with the US has changed the balance of power in Asia and the coming months will prove to be crucial to avoid any skirmish with China which is currently the dominant power in the region. Sources in the US embassy in New Delhi said that the US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter will meet Manohar Parrikar during his visit to the US after the G-20 meeting and one of the three foundational agreements LEMOA (Logistics and Exchange Memorandum of Agreement) is expected to be signed during the latter’s visit.

Sources said that both administrations want the deal to be inked before the US elections take place on 8 November this year.

LEMOA was agreed ín-principle during Ashton Carter’s visit to India in April this year and if sources are to be believed, now the deal is all set to be signed.

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