As the United States has caught on the election fever, otherwise known as the U.S. presidential election, the rest of the world is following with keen interest. This election has epoch-making potential, with Hillary Clinton possibly becoming the first female president in U.S. history. It is intriguing to note the potential that Indian Americans have in ensuring Clinton’s presidential victory. Therefore, it is inspiring that an Indian American, former Deputy Secretary of State Dr. Rajan Natarajan, has founded a national organisation, Indian Americans For Hillary Clinton (IAFHC), to mobilise voters and elect Hillary Clinton as our next and first female president.

As he was the Deputy Secretary of State of Maryland and currently the commissioner of Maryland Transportation, Dr. Rajan Natarajan has had several opportunities to meet Secretary Clinton as well as the former U.S. President Bill Clinton for high-level diplomatic dialogue on education and economic development. Dr. Rajan is part of Hillary Clinton’s familiar-persons’ circle and is actively taking part in discussions with Clinton’s campaign chair and economic advisors for the strategic campaign path that will ensure Hillary Clinton’s victory.


Hillary Clinton has already made history by becoming the first woman to be nominated as a presidential candidate of a major US political party, which is, of course, the Democratic Party. The Democratic Convention itself had such a niche in history for this reason. On the other hand, a businessman running for president from the rival Republican Party with absolute no political background, is also a first for America.


Hillary Clinton always has had affection towards India and Indian Americans. She is a trusted partner for India and is a well-known political leader in the Indian sub-continent.  She has been to India four times — as first lady, senator, and Secretary of State and has traveled extensively within India. Hillary has a much deeper level of familiarity with India. It is a common impression that she has always been a friend of India while serving in the White House. During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, the U.S. and India worked to ensure closer cooperation in high technology areas, particularly defence and space.  President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi have had high-level dialogues to get several significant economic development projects started in India. In order for these development projects to be sustainable, Hillary’s win is a must for India. In a rally earlier this year, Secretary Hillary Clinton herself has acknowledged that Indian Americans are the nation’s fastest growing racial minority. Indian Americans will greatly benefit from Hillary’s win in the election on several fronts, including immigration. However, this growth of Indians inside and outside of the U.S under a Trump government would almost be non-existent.

Needless to say, it is for all the above reasons that Indian Americans all across the United States must rally behind Hillary Clinton to ensure her victory. Dr. Rajan Natarajan has founded IAFHC with a goal of making this happen. He is actively reaching out to Indian Americans in all 50 states by launching IHAFC across the United States. The importance of Indian Americans’ votes, especially in the so-called “swing states,” cannot be overstated. Indian Americans may well prove to be the difference in this historical election for the U.S. President. In this context, it is not an exaggeration to say that the crucial role of Dr. Rajan Natarajan in getting all the Indian Americans to go out to vote for Hillary may find its way into the history books.


It does not take a political pundit to note that there are fundamental differences between the policies of the two candidates. Hillary Clinton has over 30 years of experience in politics, and has been an elected Senator, whereas Trump has no experience whatsoever and has never faced the electorate for public office. In addition, she has assumed several high positions, including having been a First Lady and a Secretary of State. Trump has never held a position in any form of government. Not only does he lack experience in politics or governance, he seems to lack the very entrepreneurial skills that he is supposed to have as a national businessman! Even while running his business in the most profitable country in the world, he has filed for bankruptcy four times. How would Trump be able to handle our government and the repercussions that the American people will face in economic crisis? Unfortunately, he will not have the inherited money he has started his business with to remedy America’s issues.

Hillary Clinton has not only had vast political experience, she also has political decorum.  She does not belittle any race or culture, even in the opposition party, whereas Trump’s speech is often inflammatory and filled with bigotry. Hillary embodies the qualities and composure necessary to handle the difficulties that the U.S president faces. On the other hand, how would Trump’s outrageous and aggressive responses maintain healthy relations not only between U.S systems, but also in our international affairs? Regardless of policies, what makes an admired president is the compassionate character to connect with the country’s people and therefore, lead the nation in its best interest.

Hillary Clinton has current economic plans to lead the U.S. on the path of success and has leverage within the U.S. security to ensure its implementation. Trump has neither; his primary objective during the campaign process seems to be negative attacks on Hillary, rather than positive, rational steps for America. Globally people wonder how someone who makes immature speeches as Trump can become a candidate in the presidential election in the first place.


Dr. Rajan Natarajan, hailing from a small village of the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India, had immigrated to the United States to pursue his post-doctoral research at the Michigan State University, where he acquired his M.B.A. He then served in leadership positions for biotechnology firms. Dr. Rajan’s zeal for public service has created a spark in him towards political involvement in the Democratic Party. After transitioning to the state of Maryland as the Deputy Secretary of State, he strived for the uplift of not only his fellow Indian Americans, but also for the community at large. In 2011, he was nominated by Governor O’Malley as Deputy Secretary of State of Maryland, a position he served from 2011 to 2014.  It was a historic appointment, as Dr. Rajan Natarajan was the first Indian American to hold this honorable position in the State of Maryland and the first Indian origin to hold such a high position in any state in the United States. In appreciation of Dr. Rajan’s astonishing impact as Deputy Secretary of State and his diligent character in general, Gov. O’Malley appointed Dr. Rajan Natarajan as Maryland Commissioner of Transportation, a position that Dr. Rajan currently holds.

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