To minimise the shortage of police personnel on the field, around 5,000 personnel of Delhi Police have been transferred from administrative units to operational units this fiscal. The move is also meant to allow those who have been working on desks for a while to get back on field. These transfers took place across all ranks in various departments of Delhi Police. To maintain transparency, Delhi Police is also going to digitise the transfer records so that there is no delay in the transfer process once the stipulated tenure of the personnel ends.

A senior police official said, “We can’t say that there was a surplus in administrative posts and that is why we were able to transfer so many people to field work. But yes, since there are less people working on desks now, the workload on some is bound to increase. Earlier, the administrative work which was done by two or three people is being done by one person now. The others will be on the field now.”

A large number of people have been transferred to operational units like PCR, traffic etc. to increase the number of vigilant feet on the streets. Speaking about the large-scale transfers, Praveer Ranjan, Joint Commissioner, Headquarters, said, “More police on the ground increases our visibility. Delhi Police is trying to bridge the current shortage and fill the positions. The focus is on improving the operational staff, traffic units and PCR. These transfers are not only meant to make the city streets safer, they also serve as an opportunity for our personnel to gain more experience on the field.”

Earlier, sources had confirmed that there were a significant number of policemen with field experience who had been working on desks in police stations for a while. However, the recent transfers and promotions are an attempt to change that picture.

Explaining the social relevance of the recent promotions, Ranjan said, “A few days ago, 2,020 constables were promoted to the rank of head constable. In all, 4,800 people in the force had been promoted; so many of them had been waiting for these promotions for years. The benefit of such promotions to the police force is that we have more people who are eligible to participate in investigations now. That leads to an increase in the pace of work, but apart from that, these promotions bring a huge change in the social standing of those promoted. To be promoted to positions of head constable or a sub-inspector is a big deal for people in the police force who come from humble backgrounds.”

Other than transfers and promotions, Delhi Police is also aiming to recruit 16,000 more people in the force by next year. Apart from recruitments, efforts are being made to increase police resources and bring in more patrolling cars, bikes and other paraphernalia like water cannons and arms required for policing under stressful circumstances by operational units.

Sources in the Establishment Board said, “We have rules when it comes to transfers and promotions within the police force, but often these are delayed. Transparency in the maintenance of records will ensure efficient implementation. Standing order 289 that provides guidelines to be followed for transfers is now being followed in letter and spirit. Digitising the records will ensure timely transfers.”


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