MUMBAI: The Mumbai Police have extended their investigation into the case where a suspicious car laden with explosives was discovered near Mukesh Ambani’s residence, Antillia. In connection with the incident, total 25 people have been interrogated by the police.
There were 21 gelatin sticks which weighed around 2.6kg, which is enough to blow the entire car and create devastation in and around the place. According to Mumbai Police, the suspect who parked the car near Mukesh Ambani’s house yesterday was seen in CCTV footage, but could not be identified because he was wearing a face mask and his head was hidden by a hoodie.
The Toyota Innova, which is evidently linked to the bomb scare near Mukesh Ambani’s house Antillia, on Thursday, was spotted on CCTV feed as it left the city via the Thane-Mulund toll plaza earlier that same day, Mumbai Police’s Crime Branch said on Saturday morning.
According to Mumbai Police, the new footage is crucial as it shows a man in the driver’s seat, who can be seen as he leans out to pay the toll. The car then drove off in the direction of Thane. The driver of the car has not yet been identified.
The Mumbai police have investigated 700 CCTV camera footages so far. The last Innova car appeared on Bhiwandi Nashik Road. The Innova car was seen on the CCTV of a hotel on the highway. Police is now conducting a search operation in the village around that area. After the Scorpio car parked, the suspect escaped from sitting in the Innova car.
The police have also prepared a sketch of the suspect to investigate the matter, which has been given to every officer to search for him.
The CCTV footage of the surrounding area enabled Mumbai Police to identify the vehicles used in the incident. In the CCTV footage, the two cars were seen driving towards Antilia separately, but from the same direction. The two vehicles met up at a spot in Mumbai and then drove to Antilia together. The CCTV at the Mulund toll post captured the green Scorpio heading towards Mumbai around 1.20 am. The white Innova was also seen crossing the Mulund toll post and travelling towards Mumbai.
As per the latest developments in the case, the Scorpio car is been sent for forensic science laboratory testing. The police have been investigating every angle with combing operation being done when it’s required. No terror angle has been suspected yet in the incident.