BJP’s Ghazipur Sadar candidate Sangeeta Bind is hopeful that BJP will retain the 2014 tide in Uttar Pradesh.

Q. The BJP won the Ghazipur Lok Sabha seat in 2014. What are the BJP’s expectations from Ghazipur?

A. The BJP is on a strong wicket in Ghazipur. Even young boys here are saying they will rise above dynasty politics and caste lines and support the party that talks about nationalism. It is only the BJP that talks about nationalism and works for national interest.

Q. Ghazipur is adjacent to Varanasi. Is there any Prime Minister Narendra Modi wave impacting Ghazipur?

A. Yes, there’s a wave and it is definitely going to make an impact. Ghazipur is adjacent to Varanasi and we all will benefit from his good will and the strong wave that is present for him.

Q. Of SP’s Rajesh Kushwaha and BSP’s Santosh Yadav, who is your nearest competitor?

A. The BJP’s competition is with none. Both these candidates will bump against each other and try to crawl to the second place.

Q. But the BSP has assimilated Mukhtar Ansari’s QED, which has pockets of influence across Ghazipur. Will it impact the BJP’s prospects?

A. We have no threat from anybody. The BJP is in power at the Centre, it is only when people elect a BJP government in the state that development will follow and all of us will benefit. People will elect a BJP government for sure.

Q. The Samajwadi Party is seeking votes on the basis of “kaam bolta hai”. Your comments.

A. If there was any work done, you would get to see that. But all you got to witness are the “kaarnamas”, be it in Bulendshahr or Saifai.

Q. How do you assess Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s five years in government?

A. The SP government has failed on all fronts. Be it roads, health care, education, employment, or the law, the SP has disappointed the people. But once the BJP comes to power in UP, we will change the face of this region.

Q. Will Maywati’s Dalit-Muslim formula work in Ghazipur?

A. This is not going to work in the ground. People have risen above caste and religion lines. They will vote only for development.

Q. The Congress and SP are saying “UP ko yeh sath pasand hai”. Your comments.

A. Congress exists only on paper here. So what is the alliance all about?