BJP’s Mughalsarai candidate Sadhna Singh says BJP’s development plank will consolidate the votes of all castes and communities in its favour in Chandauli.

Q. One woman is pitted against two male candidates—Tilakdhari Bind of BSP and Babulal Yadav of SP? What’s the situation?

A. They have already fled from the battlefield. I have no competition from them.

Q. While the Congress and SP have forged an alliance, the BSP stands to benefit from the assimilation of Mukhtar Ansari’s Quami Ekta Dal. What will be its impact on the BJP?

A. In Mughalsarai, the BJP has the blessings of one and all and people from all communities and castes are voting for the party. The BJP is going to win with a record margin here.

Q. Are you confident of securing the non-Yadav OBC votes?

A. I am the district president of the vyapar mandal (commerce chamber) and there are 41 units under me. And all the traders and small or big business-owners, be it Brahmin, Dalit, Muslim, Kshatriya, Sonkar, Vaishya, Kumar, Maurya, Bind, Chouhan, are all with me.

Q. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has said “kaam bolta hai”. The BJP has retorted “karnama bolta hai”. What is the mood of the people here?

A. It will suffice to say that in Mughalsarai I have a tremendous good-will owing to my good work as the district president of the Vyapar Mandal. My competitors are going to lose their deposits. Their politics will see a jolting end in Mughalsarai.

Q. Mughalsarai is barely an hour’s drive from Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency. Will Modi wave work like it did in 2014?

A. The wave is the same. You tour any part of the city and you will see a strong wave for the Prime Minister and for the party. We are way ahead in all the four seats in Chandauli. The BJP will definitely win all four seats here.


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