The lack of an effective internal Lokpal in the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has led to disgruntled party members washing their dirty linen in public, according to some senior AAP leaders.

A source close to the senior leadership of the party told this correspondent that the lack of an internal Lokpal have made leaders who were unhappy with certain section of party members, directly speak to the media and make allegations. “These things could have been avoided in the party, had the leadership given focus on making the Lokpal effective, where leaders could have gone to the Lokpal to complain about any corruption or grievances against any member of the party. But in its absence, they have taken to the media to express their dissatisfaction which is hurting the party in a big way.”

The AAP had appointed Admiral L. Ramdas as its first internal Lokpal, but he was soon removed by the party in March 2015, after which a senior IPS officer and an anti-corruption crusader N. Dilip Kumar was given the post of the Lokpal in AAP, he had also resigned barely after a month of assuming charge, citing “personal reasons”. After that, the AAP could not appoint a full time Lokpal in the party and the post remained vacant and the body became defunct.

However, a senior leader of the party said that a major change in the organisational structure is likely to happen in the party and the defunct Lokpal would soon be made active. The leader said that the party failed to give attention to such structures within the party as they were “too busy focusing on winning elections in different states”.

“When members of the party have a problem with the party members, we do not have any place where we can go and report issues and the platforms that are available are heavily biased. During ticket distribution for the MCD elections, some were angry, but they had no place to go. Therefore, disgruntled members take to the media to report their problems,” an MLA said on the condition of anonymity.

Alka Lamba, MLA and spokesperson of the AAP, told The Sunday Guardian, “If any member of AAP has any problem with the party leadership, they have the PAC (Political Affairs Committee) to go and report their problem to. In case of allegations, they have a fair chance to speak and debate about their charges within the PAC. All members of the PAC are also approachable unlike some VIP parties.” She also added that the MLAs have a chance to personally meet the Chief Minister once every month and they are free to share any grievances against anybody directly to the CM. Asked if the allegations are against the CM, where can the MLA go, she said, “If it is against the CM, the PAC is there to take cognisance of any such issues.Therefore, you do not see anybody of us standing by him today,” Alka Lamba added.