New Delhi: The standoff between India and China is taking turns that is seeing India speeding up to secure border areas and territorial integrity. This comes in the context of the passage of a new Land Boundary Law on 23 October by China, that becomes operational from 1 January, asserting that “sovereignty and territorial integrity of China are sacred and inviolable”.
Although the law is for all its neighbouring borders, at a time when India and China are haggling over border areas, China seems to be backing its aggression by bringing out laws that will substantiate their present and future claims. The Indian government’s response has been to continue its focus upon talks to resolve issues and avoid war, as the outbreak could bring the two most populous countries to the brink of destruction. Also, the Congress has been questioning the ruling party on its response over China’s aggression on Indian territory which has been transgressed at several points at different borders. Pawan Khera, national spokesperson of Congress, told The Sunday Guardian, “We demand from this government to restore the status quo of before April 2020.”
As reports are rife that China is increasing its security and deploying more equipment the border, Subramaniam Swamy, BJP MP, tweeted: “The Modi government has been quietly losing territory in Ladakh & Arunachal to China; besides India has lost friendships of many neighbouring countries also to China. Pakistan and Afghanistan are preparing for terror war in Kashmir soon. This all cannot be masterstrokes.”
On Thursday, the Chinese foreign ministry said that China’s new land border law will not impact existing boundary treaties or change the country’s position on border-related questions. The statement came a day after India said that it expects China to avoid taking any action under the pretext of the legislation that could unilaterally alter the situation in the border areas.
The border between China and India is turning into a bigger flashpoint, with both countries trying to demonstrate more arsenal and impact, but the Indian side has been unable to get the Chinese to withdraw from key border areas. India has tried to match Chinese build-up in the Himalayas to thwart any aggression.