Sachin Pilot is said to have made his big political move going by astrology.


New Delhi: If a political battle is on, can astrology be far behind? Almost all politicians have taken recourse to astrological remedies at some point of time in their career. Name anyone and they have banked on astrology for their political career. Former President Pratibha Tai Patil and Smriti Irani are some of those politicians who are firm believers in astrology. Former PMs Indira Gandhi and P.V. Narasimha Rao used to heed astrological advices. Former US President Bill Clinton is also a firm believer in astrology. Astrology joining the political battlefield has come into relevance once again with the Rajasthan episode.

Astrology seems to be behind what has been happening in Rajasthan over the past fortnight. Rebel Congress leader Sachin Pilot is said to have made his big political move going by astrology. How far he succeeds in his mission to get the top job is something one cannot guess. But he has thrown his hat in the ring. His father late Rajesh Pilot had to pay a heavy price for having differences with Nemi Chand Jain, alias Chandra Swami. Pilot had to lose the home ministry then. Narasimha Rao used to take political decisions after consulting Chandra Swami. Sachin Pilot is not unaware of this. He might have met some astrologer before adopting the rebellious gesture. Rajasthan is known to be a hub of astrologers and godmen like Chandra Swami. Bigwigs are said to make a beeline to seek blessings of such people. Politicians’ trust in astrology and godmen get cemented further when their predictions turn out to be true. Nobody knew that Pratibha Patil and Irani will attain such great heights in politics. Patil was an unknown face in politics. She was in Maharashtra Congress, and was close to the Arjun Singh camp. When UPA came to power in 2004 and Patil emerged a dark horse when it came to appointing Rajasthan Governor. Sonia Gandhi approved of her name and Patil became Rajasthan Governor. However, astrological prediction was for her to be at the topmost constitutional post. Then came  the President’s election in 2007. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat was the NDA candidate. To counter him Congress started looking for a face from Maharashtra who could cut into Rajput and Shiv Sena votes.

The UPA zeroed in on Pratibha Patil. Her being a woman also tipped the balance in her favour. True to what was predicted, she became the President. The Bhilwara astrologer who had predicted it was then the most sought after guy.

Smriti Irani’s story is no less interesting. Known as an actor on TV, she shot into the big political frame. Even she got a ministry like the HRD. She went on to become stronger in politics. She defeated Rahul Gandhi to take her political stature to an unscalable height. She also goes by the advice of the same Bhilwara-based astrologer, who has predicted Irani to get the highest constitutional post of the country.

The astrologer’s prediction about Sachin Pilot had yet to be tested, but it was predicted that Rajasthan will see political turmoil in July which will lead to the ouster of the present incumbent of CM post. That’s where the suspense is. The biggest post in the politics is the state president post and the prediction proved to be  tue from that point of view.

But the rest is yet to be seen.