The Hungarian national accused of being an Indian agent by Mehul Choksi’s lawyer, has deleted her social media accounts.


New Delhi: The personal and professional antecedents of the 31-year-old Hungarian national, Barbara Jarabik, is hidden under a maze of companies and social media footprints which have been systematically deleted to ensure her anonymity.

Jarabik, who has been accused of being an Indian agent by fugitive Mehul Choksi’s lawyer, has now deleted all her social media accounts that she was operating on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. After speaking to a couple of news channels in India, she has now gone underground leading to a strong possibility that she was a part of an elaborate plan that was made by Choksi and his lawyer to escape his deportation to India from Antigua.

If officials are to be believed, the whole plan was devised in view of the developments that were taking place in the court of Antigua where Choksi is fighting, in what the officials have called a “losing battle”, to stop him from being deported to India. Days before Choksi’s “escape” to Dominica where he surfaced on 25 May, a team of Indian officials had visited Antigua and Barbuda in May to submit the last set of documents to the Antiguan officials which they were supposed to submit in the court where Choksi’s case was being heard.

By all accounts, it was clear that Choksi was days, if not hours, away from being put on a flight to India which was to happen once the Antiguan and Barbudan court gave its order of deporting him.

However, the news of these developments regarding his imminent deportation stirred Choksi into action. Individuals tracking the development believe that it was after coming to know about these developments that Choksi decided to flee Antigua and Barbuda and hatched this elaborate plan to taint the Indian government.

“He wants to prepare a legal ground that his life will be in danger if he is deported to India and that is why when he surfaced in Dominica, his lawyers ensured that pictures of his bruised and injured hands were distributed across the world, especially in the United Kingdom,” an Indian official said.

Days later, on 7 June, “Justice Abroad”, a London-based legal help organization, on behalf of Choksi, submitted a complaint to British police against four residents of the United Kingdom including Jarabik, who had allegedly kidnapped the diamond merchant from Antigua. The Sunday Guardian reached out to the employees of “Justice Abroad” for a response from their side, but they chose not to respond.

Information gathered by The Sunday Guardian revealed that Jarabik, as of today, is the director of two companies, one that is based in Albertisa town of Hungary and the other one which is based in London.

Jarabik, as per company documents, heads “Eco-Pannon Investment”, the Hungary-based company which was founded in December 2017. It deals with sale and purchase of real estate. Apart from Barbara Jarabik, the other director of the company is another individual who goes by the name of Janos Jarabik.

Before that, Barbara was also associated as a Director with a London-based company, G&J Britton Consulting, between November 2016 to July 2017. The company provides consultancy activities.

After resigning from this company, Barbara Jarabik joined another London-based company, Cullinan Designs, as a Director in October 2017 of which she still is a part of.

Interestingly, when The Sunday Guardian reached out to the office of Cullinan Designs, an employee working there stated that no one by the name of Barbara Jarabik was associated with the company. According to whatever minimum amount of her traces that remain on the internet, the 1989-born Jarabik did her Bachelors in Business management from Birbeck, University of London, between 2013-2017. When contacted by The Sunday Guardian, Jarabik refused to respond to this newspaper’s queries.

Interestingly, apart from Jarabik, three other individuals have been accused by Choksi’s lawyer of being a part of the conspiracy to kidnap him—Gurdip Dev Bath, Gurjit Singh Bhandal and Gurmit Singh.

While little is known about the other two, Bath, on the other hand, was on 16 August 2012, appointed by the then Prime Minister of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dr. Denzil Douglas as Special Representative for entrepreneurship and development. Bath had first come on the radar of the Indian agencies when he had helped another Indian fugitive, Jatin Mehta and Sonia Mehta of Winsome Group, to get the citizenship of Saint Kitts. “Why would Indian agencies engage someone like Gurdip Bath to kidnap a fugitive when Gurdip himself has helped a fugitive (Jatin Mehta) in the past?” an official asked.