New Delhi: Union MoS PMO Dr Jitendra Singh on Friday addressed the News Broadcasters Federation (NBF) National Conclave on the topic “Reaching a Billion Homes”. At the beginning of his speech, the Union Minister of State congratulated the entire federation for coming forward to take the initiative to change the narrative of news reporting.
Jitendra Singh said, “In the past years, it was a trend to be a bit anti-India and seem intellectual, and it somehow reminds us that it was synonymous with intellectualism that you are orthodox and rebellious. You have to raise an anti-national voice, and if you can grow a beard, it will complement your personality.”
Jitendra Singh further added, “I am happy that NBF has taken up the issue. In 2008, when we had the Amarnath Bhoomi movement, which was widely publicized, and the channel run by Arnab.”
Sharing his insights on previous media reporting methods, he said, “In Indian media, it has become a fashion to open closed chapters and not let any chapter be closed.”
Prraising the News Broadcasters Federation, Jitendra Singh said, “I am glad that this group of enlightened journalists has really tried to change the story and it is no longer a pro-Indian journalist, a pro-Indian thinker or a pro-Indian intellectual.”